A Vine In The Pack Of Rhode Island.~

Where to start, yeah?~ My core is of a thick, symbiotic tree-hugging vine; the innate existence of this in me has had innumerable effects on my days of this life. I could list for days, accrediting and imfaming traits and scenes, but that can easily be left to personal discussions. Since awakening to the knowledge of a widespread population of like-living souls, back and forth my mind's been blown- so many views, methods of coping, accepting and advancing... so many breeds, so to speak. Just barely keeping myself from being overwhelmed each day by new information, with many goals for myself and others, summarily all to find more of existence as a whole.

I apologize for my methods of speech, I process my thoughts better in certain patterns.

There are a good number of packs scattered across the world. Catering to different tastes, different walks and tails, so to speak. In my area of northern New England in the United States, there is only one; The Pack of Rhode Island. We've been growing steadily for many months now, taking in all variants from surrounding states including Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. Lone wolves float around like satellites, drawn in and just as accepted but resigning to their personal choices or feelings. We are a close-knit family with a loose hierarchy, led by a maned wolf who cares deeply for us, and myself as the beta.
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I am a wolf therian in RI. I want to know more about your pack.