Idiocy In Therianthropy.


I am a French-Prussian Red Fox Therian, and I am sitting here, chuckling with amusement.
I can't believe I ran across poor, confused minds like this. I want to clear a few things up, and I'll try to help newbies that are lured into twisted fantasies by either trolls or simply idiots.

You can't. End of Story. It's physically impossible. Your body can't just create or destroy atoms to form a new body. Even if it could, it would drain so incredibly much energy that you would keel over and die. I keep hearing about 'therians' that shift regulary, and even have a nice community formed around them.
IT'S NONSENSE. I can't stress this enough. You CAN'T PHYSICALLY SHIFT. YOU CAN'T. STOP TRYING. You make yourself looking ridiculous by claiming it.
Of course you could have a strong mental shift, making you think you p-shifted; but thats about it. A M-Shift.

Your body is human. You're not a genetic mix between a wolf and a human or whatever the hell you think you are. The belief of having an animal SOUL is purely spiritual; it has absolutely nothing do to with your body. You could be tall and have mouse as a theriotype. You could be obese and be a Italian Greyhound in spirit. YOUR BODY HAS NO IMPACT ON YOUR THERIOTYPE.

You're a human with a special belief; the belief of being trapped in the wrong body. You are not chosen to save your species or to kill all humans trying to harm them. Of course, being in a human body gives you the advantage of actually geting things in movement for your species; but you chose to do that, you weren't chosen. You are nothing special. If you think you were chosen for a secret mission, then you most likely suffer the Elven Princess Syndrome. Don't worry, as you mature you'll grow out of it.

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True some of those points are compelling, but there are some things that science can't explain. And also ironically some scientists have theories that shifting might be possible. Such as butterflies and caterpillars they change dramatically from one form to another first from a considerable size to a body 3 times as small with large wings. Funny how a shift like that happened isn't it . From the tinniest animal a shift could happen!


......can i give you a hug? a cookie? SOMETHING?!

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