Had a Problem With a Friend (again)

So, in this story or whatever I'm telling you about this issue I got with friends. I mean its not a bad thing, but it can lead to bad things, ya know what I am saying?

I was out with my brother and his gf (who I hate), anwyays, she had us drive her to the middle of no where so she could ask someone a question that she apparently couldn't ask on the phone. Which is b/s cause she been talking to the friend before, and my brother and I were playing some games, she is such a ***ch. We ended up being close to where a new friend of mine lived, so I called her up and was like, hey can I come over and chill for a bit. Of course we went over there, well i did, they stayed at whoevers.

Well this friend, that I'll call pat, had us go to a movie store to hang cause I guess she didn't want to be at home. I met this guy there, that she knew, total pervert, but it was cool cause I'm that way too mostly, pervy I mean with my statements.

Well talking about sex, and other things, got my blood boiling, and I got that like itch, you know the kind where if you don't take care of it, you will cry. Well this itch was to bite, and after about 30 or 40 minutes of ignoring the itch, and still talking about sex, I lost it. I sneaked up behind Pat and bit her on the shoulder, and didn't let go, she said oww and s*** but I couldn't for a few seconds. It just didn't register in my mind for some reason, and then its like I realized what was going on and stopped, backed up and looked around. I don't know if I was breathing or not but everything felt shaky, like I could see  ya know? But I came down from it, and it was a bad bite. I broke her skin and made her bleed.

Next day, I hear from her friend about how she don't want me around. The following day she calls to tell me her mom wants to kill me, and she can't ever talk or see me again. At first I was so upset about losing a friend and losing control. Then I was mad that she lied about her mother, cause my friend told me the truth, why couldn't she just say it. I got over being sad quite quickly, and got frickin pissed because she was always acting like the type that liked it rough, but I bite her, and she goes running like red-riding hood. ****in pissed me off, I am so tired of people treating me like this.

So, I decided to cancel my birthday party because most my friends have pulled this crap on me before or the only time they talk to me is to get advice about their own fricken lives. Never once asking me about mine or giving me some advice, cept a few. So, I canceled that and invited a few to go somehwere, and thas it. I can't trust normal people no more, not even vampire sub-cultures have anything useful for me. Sure you can use their methods at first, but its not about the frickin blood to me, its about the hunt and kill.

I am just tired of it all, and I am going to be myself, a THERIAN, full blown, and **** any who think I should conform to human laws. Cause not even humans do it, why should I?

Well, this effected me greatly and I had to talk. Thanks for anyone who listens.

syk2340 syk2340
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2009