By I'm a bit frightened and confused. For the past few days I've been feeling like I had a missing piece. Now I feel like the red fox isn't my theriotype anymore. But I have so much in common with it. I decided to meditate to help, and here's what happened:

I saw myself meditating in a forest. I got up and looked around, and realized this was the same place I meditate in as my red fox. Same trees, same stream, same grass. As I was walking around, I fell into a hole. My burrow. I tried to get out, but I was too deep in and the opening looked high up. And when i gave up and turned around, I saw a red fox with glowing yellow eyes. But this fox was in attack position, growling fiercely. As I stood against the was defenseless, it jumped at me. Then I opened my eyes, the yelp it gave out still echoing in my head.

Any ideas on what this means? Please?
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Give yourself a bit of time. The fox may be telling you're either pushing yourself too soon or that your not a fox. Try and relax and rest, then when you feel ready, meditate again. Mecassa is right, it could have just as easily been a spirit animal.

I was thinking today too and I think the fox was a reflection of me, (because it was my den lol) and I think it was supposed to represent the fact that my feelings were attacking me. But I'm still actually not sure if I'm a fox therian anymore. I might be a wolf like many other therians because the wolf was one of my first theriotypes I thought I might be, I m-shift into wolves about 1/4 of the day total and not too much a fox. That's a pretty big hint that I might be mistaken for the wrong theriotype XD

And thanks for the advice btw

It's ok, I'm glad you've found an answer ^^