There Seems to Be Way to Many Wolves These Days

I can remember when there wasnt that many actual Wolf Therians around. but now they seem to be popping up everywhere. most claiming they are a Wolf therian are kids just going through puberty and think just because their growing hair in places they think they are a 'werewolf' >.< ive been told a few times that im lying about what  I am because of the growing number of wolves and that I just want to be 'cool', I know what I am and that is a wolf, I have always known this since a young age. I never really had an awakening as you might put it. I always knew the wolf was a huge part of my soul. I am the wolf and the wolf is me. truthfully almost everything about me relates to the wolf. my love for my close family (pack) i respect my elders.(those higher then me in my pack). I have a great love and respect of nature. Crowds put me on edge. and im weary about meeting people I dont consider apart of my pack.  I see my family as a pack . my mother being the alpha me being beta. then my sister, her husband. and my neices and so forth. I dont like strangers being around them and I watch over them like a hawk.  I rather only have one Love (mate) in my life. im still in love with my 'high school sweetheart' were very close friends but I consider him as my mate. i think im sorta getting off topic here..  but anyways like countless of people have said. only YOU can find out if your a therian or not. no one else can tell you if are one or not. I just wish people would do some soul searching and research before claiming themselves as a therian.  Also if you have any questions about therians and your new to it, just let me know I can answer your questions just send me a message and sooner or later ill respond..yeah this really isnt a story. but eh oh well :]

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I am a wolf and it annoys me that so many people on here act like a wolf. Or come up with dumb reasons why they are. My wolf name is lette' and I am sandy brown and black. I don't have a pack I choose to stay alone. If I meet people that I don't know I get their scent and decide if they are okay. I wanted to ask a few wolves a question... Can you hear humans heartbeats?

I thought I had commented on this but I guess not.

There's never been a time when wolf wasn't the dominant theriotype. Considering that therianthropy itself was "founded" and the term coined on a werewolves fan site, the fact that wolf therians would be the first to know about it makes sense.

Wolf, is also a common starting point for a lot of therians who are just discovering their animality for a number of reasons.
1) because humans live closely with canines, so we have a naturally better understanding of them, and gravitate to what we know instinctively
2) because they're wild canines that represent freedom in a lot of ways. A therian, especially one that doesn't know about therianthropy, has to bottle up their animal feelings more than usual, and typically represses it, thinking it's not natural to feel nonhuman, so the desire for freedom makes wolf very appealing.
3) There are more wolves than any other kind of therian on the net, so there's more resources for them. A werelist survey a couple years back tallied their theriotype member base, which was around 700 at the time, and of those people, wolves occupied over 50% of the population. So of all the theriotypes combined, wolves still were the majority.

There are a lot of theories on why wolf is the most common theriotype, but that's a whole 'nother essay length post for another topic. This is just to cover the fact that there are a lot of wolves, why wolf is a common starting point, and that just because someone says they're wolf it doesn't mean they're some noob teenager going through puberty.

I don't know WHAT I am...sorry, I just had to put that on here. sorry for spamming.

I've never understood why there are so many wolves. And I don't care either. Anyone who does is really just wasting their time. If they don't hurt anyone its fine with me. I am a subspecies of wolf- a dingo. And I know that for a fact.

it's funny though, but im noticed that most of those 'therians' are not therians at all. they just have wolf totems, I for one, do have 2 wolf totems along with my wolf self. Many believe that just because they see a wolf when they meditate or feel it-that automatically makes them a therian. It took me months to finally realize-well put it together and I would start shifting at times too- just my eyes tho. I saw my wolf in visions and dreams- i never talked it, it was odd. I noticed that I would talk to my totems, and one actually appeared to me when I was sleeping-sure i could have thought he was my wolf, but my insides told me no. so here i am :D- I dont like how that guy/girl is challenging our beliefs

I know what you mean. <br />
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Ok, I know I'm just a kid and all, so don't go shouting about it to me, but I know that I'm a real and proper therian. I've always known there was something different about me. Hence the growling when i get angry, yelping or whining when I'm hurt, howling if I hear other wolves etc. I've always felt connected to wolves, and I feel exactly like a wolf most days, not human at all.<br />
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I think that people are just getting confused between therian and furry to be honest. <br />
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Oh, and runningwind362, a therian is a person who has the soul/spirit of another creature.

can someone explain to me what a Therian is. I know I could look it up, but I want an answer from someone who is one. I am a Furry, and by just looking it up half the world now thinks we are perverts when most of us are not, so I want to ask you. Sorry for my unknowingness.

I know that I am recently new but I feel that there is little tolerance on the side that is trying to figure out who they are. I have seen many people over react to others that are just trying to find information and those who are genuinely joining for the cool or shock factor. what goes on most of the time is these two groups get mixed up and then you have people who are trying to figure out who they are, start being harassed and called fakes. but what do the newbie think, when they are told that they are faking it especially when they are confused. we have a duty to educate them as well as expose the fake underlying culture that pop up. this is a problem that is everywhere on every website. what i do is I try to educate the ones that want to learn, research and soul search. the ones that like it to be cool don't bother with any of those 3 things as why I just focus on those things when new people talk to me.

i think a lot of these people that suddenly claiming to wolf therians are sometimes confusing therianthropy with totems or as mentioned above gust lying. <br />
this is especially annoying for me to hear so many people yelling "i'm a wolf, i'm a wolf, i'm a wolf! " and just treating it like its some kind of game because my step-dad's REAL Native-American name Grey Wolf, no he's not a therian but that has been his name for his entire life. He is actually know and respected as wolf man, and anyone how knows him well enough knows that he really dose act like a wolf. <br />
<br />
"sorry for that rant'<br />
<br />
but my pint is that just saying your a wolf because it sounds cool is extremely disrespectful to people like my step-dad and you and many others that actually have a valid connection with wolfs.<br />
and by the way, no I am not a wolf I'm a proud Siberian Husky. but i do deeply respect wolfs. 'at least the real ones' (therians included)

I full heartily agree with you. I really wish people would stop claiming to be a fellow wolf when they clearly aren't.