I Am A Spider Therianthrope

lookin for others like me and hope to find good friends that dont call me a draconian or spider freak because of how my personality and behavior are
thunknownshadow thunknownshadow
18-21, M
8 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Interesting, I haven't met any insect therians, I find it very interesting that 60% of the therians I have spoke have been mammals, the rest we're mostly birds, I'm myself am a Crow

eek! i have really bad spider-phobia... just don't shift when i'm around, or i'll shift and eat you in one bite :P

Well you don't have to be rude about it Darkflame :/

No offense but I hate spiders. You'd be a f***ing huge spider from LotR. I am sorry. I hate spiders. It is a phobia I have. I am the animal in my picture therian.

Considering it doesn't work to p-shift (the way you mean it) into Anything ;}-<

Wow, it wouldn't work to p-shift into a spider, would it? o.o

earwig therian. now thats awsome. Spiders are cool, wouldn't want to be one though.

draconian? Why would people call you that? ~ I knew an earwig therian once, was very interesting...Spider, hmm...that would be interesting as well ^_^Vv