My Therianthrope Story

Where to start? well first i am a wolf therian. all my life i have been different, i loved to play outside in the mud and woods felt more comfortable walking on four legs growl at people, never felt right in crowds and and my senses were sharp, i would even attack people that made me mad. My parents just assumed it was childish games when i was younger but as i grew and continued to act that way they began to get annoyed and worried and then decided that if i was going to act that way that they would ignore me mostly. It really sucked but i was independent so i was fine, i began going for walks in the woods at night and i would run, howl and stuff and enjoyed just being myself. one summer i was very alone, i didn't have much interaction with "normal" people (for lack of a better word) since theirs no school over summer i didn't see friends and adults everyday, i began to make excuses when my friends wanted to see me and i began to sleep all day  to avoid my parents and too stop them from yelling at me in the day i would do housework at night. i got so..loanerish that sometimes it would feel weird to talk. i am still trying to balance it all and interact more with the rest of the world but i still find it hard to do that most likely because i am still a young teenager.
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it's kinda fun i but as i said in my story that it can be kinda suckish because of my parents but other than that i lkinda like it:) lol and howd you become a vampire? ( just curius)<br />
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