Guttentag :)

Hello everyone,

Usually, I wouldn't have joined something like this but I felt so drawn to it... I had to. I'm what people refer to as having a poly-phenotype. Meaning, I have several animal affinities that shift to and fro. My main affinity is as most popular, the wolf. A black wolf with russet markings, I might post some art later if that's okay. But, I hold a link with the wolf for a slightly different reason, but that's another story for possibly another time if I feel up to it. My other popular affinity is the peregrine falcon. I am also linked to a cat and semi-linked to the golden retriever, mainly because of my own dog. But, I go through several different kinds of shifts on a daily basis, mental, phantom, and often in dreams. I also have a 'beserk' shift as some people call it that if I feel in danger or become to angered can take on the anger and bite of the wolf. I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone :) I should be back soon!

Thank you all,

Destra Valger (Destra)
sollerage sollerage
18-21, F
May 8, 2012