Am I Crazy, Or Just A Teenager

Am I crazy, because I sure think so. Today for ex sample i was walking down the hallway to class and this guy randomly comes up to me and is like, "How are you?" and I'm like "I'm fine" and i start walking to class. Completely catching me off guard, the guy grabs my arm and took me to the side of the hall way. He asked, " What is wrong with you?" i shrugged┬á "nothing is wrong with me, now can i please go to class" before i could get away he took a piece of paper out of his backpack. it was a picture of me with words that said "The Werewolf/bi girl." the boy told me that they where posted all over the school. I brook into tears. the boy hugged me and told me that he had seen me go into the counselors office allot and he asked my counselor if he could do anything to help. that he had noticed that i didn't really have alto of friends. he said that if i ever needed someone to talk to, to go to him. now what i dint seem to get is if I'm this crazy wolf girl then why would a normal guy care about me............................i just don't know...´╗┐
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

i agree with WoodsBear. The guy might not be like others; he might not be judgemental, and might see it a cool to hang out with the wolfgirl. But my suggestion is: embrace the fact that at least one person is on your side where you are, and the rest of us are on your side, too.

Well no matter what someone is always going to care for you, no matter what you look like nor how you live your life.<br />
This "normal guy" obviosly cares about you no matter what other people say about you (and in today's culture thats rare). <br />
Being "crazy" is just being different from the social norm, nothing more, its all about what you put into it. This guy dosent think your crazy, hell, he might even find it cool to hang out with a "wolf girl"