I Swore To Myself.

That one day, I would share this story with someone else besides my fiance. I told myself that one day, I would let people know why I am, the way I am, Why I am the wolf I am.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. That little girl, was me, I was only three or four at the time this happened. Now, I live in Arizona for all of  you who don't know and there is a very very small town called Holbrook that if you can drive right through. This is where I began my life with my mother and grandparents and sometimes my father. At this age, I was obviously already walking and to my disadvantage, much to curious. It had to be no later than three in the morning and the tapping of the snow woke me up from where I slept in my little toddler bed. So, being the curious little monster I was, I snuck outside, reveled in the snow. But, I got lost, now there aren't many trees up there but there is a bit of a foresty area and that's where I ended up. Now, this next part I don't know why it happened but, by the time I realized I was lost, I was exhausted and hunkered down in the snow, thinking that mommy would save me, just like always. But as time passed I became colder and colder in my thin footy pajamas and I know that if this had not happened, i would not be here today. From the shadows of those ghostly trees stepped a canine. Too big and furry to be a coyote, it's ears to short and blunt, it's legs too powerful, it was a wolf, the wolf I almost see myself as to this day. Dark as night with eyes as bright as the setting sun's amber. It tipped it's head to me almost in confusion but it must have been a mother, or it's instinct would have been probably to run and stay hidden. But, it must have known I was in trouble. She stepped forward, cautiously and I heard her voice as she lowered her head and her ears fell forward she said 'hello little one.' And then she whined, stepping closer and pressing her nose to my cheek, as if not to scare me. Then, she spoke to me again, but of course this was probably simply my mind, she said to me, 'it's okay, I will keep you warm, sleep and I will keep you safe.' She curled her black body around me and nudged me into her warm underbelly where i curled and eventually fell asleep. When i woke up, the wolf was gone, I was still curled in a ball, but in my backyard. Luckily my mother had not woken up, but I felt so much better, warm again and able to move and so, I got away with my little adventure. I have never forgotten that wolf. I never will. I believe that she is a part of me, I am her daughter of sorts and she still haunts my dreams. She placed herself within me and I am her wolf. Now grown and strong, I can take care of myself but still she lingers, staying to the forests unless I need her. Then, she comes, pushes me back and takes care of me. Now, she isn't as friendly to others as she is me, she believes the people in my life are often the cause of my strife. But, i am forever grateful to her, my mother.
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that's amazing. :) i still haven't found out what kind of wolf I am or who my name is but I know I am one. but honestly, what happened to you, sure it must have been scary(?) before the she-wolf came to you and kept you safe, but either way, it's amazing. :)

Oh yes, since then I've learned much more about who that she-wolf is really and how she relates to me. If you google 'wolf soul' there's a site that has many tips and tricks on meditation which relaxes you, opens you to the other planes, and also can help reveal your soul to you. I hope only the best for you and I'm sure all will be revealed soon

That is fantastic. Thank you

Of course my dear, if ever you need help or have questions, ask anytime and I'll be around to help as much as possible

Well, thank you. It's good to know that.

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