I Lost Control Once.

It was when i was much younger, around fourteen or fifteen.

The first thing we need to make clear is that i suck at telling my own stories.

My sister has always been antagonistic, still is, but on this day she kept testing me and testing me.

In my mind, it was all to do with rank, though i know it's not the case with people who are not of the Therianthrope persuasion like my sister.

Anyway, she is lower in my familial ranking system i'm just below my mother in rank, and my sister is below me. Her pushing me was making me more and more agitated till i snapped.

I grabbed her by her arm and her throat and pushed her onto the ground and gripped tighter and tighter till she was yelping and my mother called me off.

I've never lost control like that since, but that's only because doing so made me realise that i needed to work on my instincts not overpower me.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

hey there! well, i did lost control once too when i was young. i did not know why i reacted that crazily although i know my bro made me so mad at that point of time. I just snapped and scratched(i think) him, his shirt tore and he bled a little. ):

Yeah, my sister had a bunch of bruises and i had a scratch... you can see why i avoid dominance...