Happy Dreams With A Hilarious Ending

I don't have good dreams often and when i do they always stand out above the death and pain, this dream also stood out as my first dream as the Wolf.

I was just running through the bush, hunting feral deer.

It was pretty simple as dreams go, just running with a pack of wolves, these wolves were all paler colors than i was, i couldn't be to sure considering this dream was all in black, white and shades of gray. I remember the wind in my fur and the hardness of the ground beneath my paws and panting hard as we chased the deer down.

There was a particularly pale wolf close by and when they yipped i made a sound similar in response and we zeroed in on one deer in particular.

I was getting closer and close till i could smell the animal, it was a musty sort of smell like wet fur after rain and just as i was about to grab the throat i hear something.

It distracts me enough that i lose concentration and the deer gets away.

I vaguely register that it's my name as i grind to a halt and turn teeth bared to snarl at the person, because i realised it was a person.

I was awake, and my mother stared at me with wide incredulous eyes as i snarled at her with my teeth bared. xD
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I wish i had dreams like that. All my vivid dreams are incredibly violent and normally have me fighting besides the same girl, and involve gun fire, knife play, very rarely running around as a wolf and sometimes a bipedal werewolf but those dreams are just fun...

Yeah, i mostly dream about dying to be honest, so good dreams always stand out with clarity.

Hah! That's awesome (: