So Now I'm A Litte Upset

I saw some really exciting stuff on the release of The Hobbit, it's all over tv at the moment and i love it. I kind lost control and yipped, quite loudly.

I live with my family and so when i did it my great grandmother asked what the heck that was.
I've done this before so i just quickly exclaimed sorry and went back to listening to the story on The Hobbit on tv.

My grandmother goes on to tell her, 'It's just Nimi, she thinks she's a dog!' she started laughing really loudly and everyone nearby joined her.

I mean, I've never really sat down to explain Therianthropy to her, but i have given her a lot of details about it, about how my brain works and why i do the things i do and she still makes fun of me.

My whole family does.

As a teen i thought, 'oh it must me that teen angst people are always talking about, making me take offence to everything my family says and does' but no, they legitimately mock me, and take their frustration out on me at every opourtunity and the nit picking at my need to make certain, canine noises when i'm annoyed or excited are their latest stunt.

I have to say though, this one hurts more than most.
Aabysinyaa Aabysinyaa
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

When I get exciting I pant fast and bark and my parents are okay because they are use to me doing that.I am a wolf and a feline.

I could see why that would hurt ): humans can't understand anything except their own experiences as a human...their ignorance is to be expected

that sucks im sorry that happend to you my family they a bunch of douchebags dont worry im there with you oh yeah can you tell some stuff about therianthropy

Yeah, but they're family and if there's one thing that a wolf is loyal to a fault to, that's it.

I'd be happy to tell you some things about Therianthropy