All my life i have known i was diffrent. When i was 6 i would watch the syfy channel with all the werewovles and vampires and i would sit there amazed at the creatures. When i was old enough to read, i got multiple books on supernatural things. Than one day as i was talking to someone in a chat room, they mention the word "therianthrope". After that i was vary interested. I noticed some odd behaviors of when i was little and now. All my friends describe me as a animal, because i act on my primal instincts. If someone looks at my friend wrong i lunge and them, telling them to back off or they will be sorry. Or if my friends or family gets hurt i will go straight to their side and never leave them. I beleive i am a therian. I feel so at peace with animals and the woods and other calming nature places. I think i am i therian but i do not know what kind, if you could help me, it would mean the world to me.
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I don't even know what to say about this group quite honestly. I guess there are all types of people here...

Well, I'm much older than you, and in fact I have kids your age, 14 & 17, however, I strongly identify with much of what you are saying, although I've never considered myself a "therian". I've loved sci-fi, mystical & magical things since I was your age. I read all of the Harry Potter books, love Lords of the Ring, identify strongly with cats & fact I seem to be able to talk to them, and most of them look me in the eyes and respond to what I'm saying. I'm a very earthy, passionate person, and love, love, love being in the woods! I feel spiritually at peace there... I could live there, and I have a strong affinity for trees. I feel as though they are sacred things. I don't share this with many people my age, because they'd think it odd, but I LOVE myself, and my love of fantasy, etc. There's nothing wrong with you or me, and I'm not sure that it requires a title...we just are who we are.:)

Thanks i really am hearing what your saying but there are things other than normal people on this world :) There are things in "fairytales" that are real, yet the human brain will not recieve. Thanks for everything but im not normal :)