“for The Strength Of The Pack Is The Wolf, And The Strength Of The Wolf Is The Pack”

Therianthropy isn't a disease, or a mental illness. You shouldn't have to live a secretive life, in case of being discovered.

Pack life is the best way. Sunset Moon is an online pack, where all members have their own say and can be with their kin; all together, forever.

Don't suffer alone! Allow me and my packmates to help relieve your anxiety or stress, and join sunset moon! All therians are welcome, whether you be wolf, horse, cat, bird or any other creature.
Aeluna Aeluna
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I would love to joi up with y'all. but I have tons of stress due to my schoolmates and I don't know what to do . Can you pls help me

Thought you were big and bad threatening me and such.

You wanna live SheAngel??
Then leave me and my friends......ALONE!!!

Not done anything to your 'friends'. You shouldn't have kicked the hornets nest little boy. And please. You think you are the only one to threaten my life? Get in line. Plus it's the internet. Threatening someone on the Internet just makes you look like a stupid kid anyway.

I can sense anger and I'm getting sronger because of it

You sense wrong little one. I think it's funny as hell.

Maybe it was you who sensed wrongly *Evil Laugh*

clearly not. you're just a roleplaying kid who lost touch with reality

You really don't want to get me beyond angry

Oh but I do. Because you are all bark.

I have been aware of my suroundings while you have been a washed out daughter of a m******8 Charlington who has no sense of anything

That didn't even make sense.

You stinkin' troll go to Tash

Why? Gonna cry? It's not fun when someone does it to you now is it?

You are so **** lucky I'm actually in a good mood. I know ALL the swear words in the book. So if you don't want to hear a teenager say bad things about you then back the train up and turn back while you still have the chance :|

Didn't say anything about cursing, dipshit.

I hope you know a good chiropracter, Dentist, and mental Therapist. Especailly after I'm through with you. You'll wish you were long gone *Evil laugh from years in Mordor*

I live in West nc little boy. Put up or shut up.

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