Is Anyone Else Offended That Experience Project Has Dropped This Into 'fiction'?

Just wondering. :P

Anyone considering petitioning them about the issue?
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It does offend me, but I understand that unfortunately we are the minority in this world. What we feel is the real thing and it should not be considered "fiction". I would petition about the issue but I am fairly new to EP so I will have to find out how.

I certainly am. Nothing about what I am and what I experience is fiction in any way.
This group belongs in the community, or lifestyle sections.

Is the groups founder able to change the category and put it in the right one?

It offends me. I have been a Wolf Therian my entire life at least as far back as i can remember. My wolf provokes REAL emotions and REAL connections its always been who i am and what believe and by dropping it into Fiction i Feel like its telling me my whole life is just a childs game of pretending to be a wolf and its not! I know other therians who feel the same way i do its an important part of me not a fictional game.

"Some people feel that they are animals in human bodies" <--How is this difficult to believe in? It's not. It's not as though the definition of therianthropy defines its cause.

I'm not really offended by this. Humans find it difficult to believe in our kind. It's nothing new. Just how the world is.

Again, why would they care that a bunch of people think they have animal souls? We're considered weird, not threatening (at least not to most people, a few radical fundamentalists aside).

I haven't heard any at all that have. This might be because I hang around with other adults. :P

I for one hope that someday humans can find understanding in there ignorance of our kind but if living in there ignorance mean me and my pups can live our lives in peace without the judgments of those that really don't matter to us anyway... Human...then it really isn't so bad let them kill themselves over land and money we will be here when they are done lol by we I mean Therians i will probably be long dead by then...

Psychologists don't tend to consider therianthropy to be a mental disorder. A number of therians have verified this. So, we're just another group of people with odd beliefs, and in spite of the histrionics of the youngest therians, the truth is that no one cares.

Actually, clinical lycanthropy is where a person believes they're physically changing, and acts like an animal and cannot control themselves. Since therians have control over themselves, and are not delusional (don't believe they are physically shapeshifting), and their beliefs don't negatively impact their lives, they are not classed as having a psychological disorder.

As long as you don't ***** off your clothes and start hunting people in a shopping mall, they aren't going to lock you up, lol.

(seriously? that word got censored? You're not allowed to ***** paint, either, no doubt, lmao)

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