Can Some One Help?

I've recently started studying therianthropy and went to a site and manly everything it was saying was true about me. But the thing is I don't know what therian I am. I've had dreams of wolfs and when I was much younger I used to run around and act like a wolf walking on all fours, I got made fun off but whatever I am what I am. Idk but can some one help me out?
CelinaTheLost CelinaTheLost
18-21, F
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I am a Wolf therian also. Like NightsEternalShadow said you just kind of know your animal. I have always believed in wolf shifting and always been fascinated with wolves since I was little, so it only makes sense that's my animal. I can also shift into it so that was a big give away :p since you say you believe you can be a wolf since you match up with different websites and had a fascination with wolves when you where little I think that's your animal. You can try mediation or spirit guiding methods to make sure :)

I am a Wolf Therian and have bee almost all my life. I just kind of knew. I have friends that are Therians though and a lot of them figured out their animal through meditation. Your Therenotype is going to be whatever animal can make you happy no matter what mood you are in. It will be an animal that pulls strong emotions out of you. an animal that when you see it you feel it in your chest. try meditating and message me if you need anything.

I used to walk on all fours when I was little too

We'll it depends on what "symptoms" you have. If you growl,snarl,bite. You could be a dog therian....