Hi. I'm a wolfdog therian. It's complicated. When I first realized I was a therian, I believed I was a black and white gray wolf. After a lot of meditation, I realized I wasn't purely a wolf. I'm eighteen, and I've been a therian as long as I can remember. Even a a kid, I was wolfish. I growled and snarled when I was angry. I always felt as though I had paws and a tail. The other kids thought I was weird. Once I was introduced to Therianthropy, everything made sense. Now that I have a pack, my life is absolutely complete. I'm always excited to find other therians. I feel we all have such unique experiences and are a truly amazing community.
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18-21, F
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I'm a Pitbull, my fondest wish would be to run as a dog does the urge to do so is very strong its quite frustrating, I've never met another pitbull therian, am I the only one?

im more wolf than dog. i always have been. wolfdogs are extremely confused and unhappy animals. but i embrace my wolf side and i know this is what i am meant to be, and it helps.

Its a bit like me im a wolf/dog but i think i might be more dog than wolf x