My Story

Hi, I am young and newly awakened or what ever you call it, I am constantly aware of wings and a tail! I am a little nervous because it is all very new to me and come from quite a skeptic upbringing but I can not ignore it. I am equine, feline and canine, winged, horned horse, wolf and cat of somekind! They seem to each be more dominant at different times! Its real confusing but good to know about others the 'same' as me!!!

chubfish chubfish
13-15, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

So certain on so many therio-types when being newly awakened? How much research have you done?<br />
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Why do you assume those certain creatures? what kinds of shifts do you have that may pertain to each therio-type?<br />
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And a thought...<br />
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Do you feel like a pegasus? with the feathered wings?

Do you have a fascination with shiny ob<x>jects (car keys, jewelry, etc.)? I've heard that some avians and otherkin like shinies. I know I do..... ^ ^;;;