The Reason Why I Am a Wolf

The reason is i like to be there for people and protect them. the wolf travels in pacs and i hang out with my friends all the time. i protect my friends and family for the reasons i do not understand i hope to understand one day.

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Something you should know, because many get confused with this. Is that wolves and humans share similiar traits.<br />
Humans are social creatures and some more family oriented than others, wolves are social creatures with pack mentalities but still seem to have lone wolves as well.<br />
I have wolf in me as well (not as overbearing as my others) but just because my family is a family oriented peoples where we take care of eachother and stick around in eachothers lives doesn't make my entire family wolves.<br />
To call yourself a therian period (not just as a wolf) with such little experience is not wise. It's harder to take others like that seriously.

And another question here... ;o)<br />
<br />
You say you are a wolf in a human body because you show some of their typical traits.<br />
Have you ever read something about shamanism and totems/spiritual guides? I show many personal traits of my totem, even some very typical behaviour and am almost always identified by people with this special animal - but I am not this animal.<br />
So what makes you sure of being a wolf?

i understand but if you look up wolf anthro it says the wolf protects its friends and family.the wolf anthro also states that the wolf doesnt run alone

Ok, I get that oyu hang out with your friendsbut couldnt you equally be a meercat or a baboon?<br />
What I'm sayin is why wolf? You promised me in the title! I demand you edit, give us more. <br />