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Im going to repost :]

anyways I can remember when there wasnt that many actual Wolf Therians around. but now they seem to be popping up everywhere. most claiming they are a Wolf therian are kids just going through puberty and think just because their growing hair in places and are going through changes. they think they are a 'werewolf' >.<  ive been told a few times that im lying about what  I am because of the growing number of wolves and that I just want to be 'cool', I know what I am and that is a wolf, I have always known this since a young age. I never really had an awakening as you might put it because I always knew the wolf was  inside me. I am the wolf and the wolf is me. truthfully almost everything about me relates to the wolf. my love for my close family (pack) i respect my elders.(those higher then me in my pack). I have a great love and respect for nature. Crowds put me on edge. and im weary about meeting people I dont consider apart of my pack.  I see my family as a pack even though none are therian . I see my mother as the alpha me as beta. then my sister, her husband. and my neices and so forth. I dont like strangers being around them and I watch over them like a hawk.  I rather only have one Love (mate) in my life. im still in love with my 'high school sweetheart' we are very close friends but I consider him as my mate. i think im sorta getting off topic here..so ill stop  but anyways like countless of people have said. only YOU can find out if your a therian. no one else can tell you if are one or not. I just wish people would do some soul searching and research before claiming themselves as a therian.  Also if you have any questions about therians or your new to it, just let me know I can try to answer your questions just send me a message and sooner or later ill respond..yeah this really isnt a story. but eh oh well

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I'm going to agree with AlphaSkinWalker and say very good explaination *nods* I love finding others like you who show obvious signs of maturity and seriousness in such a matter. Although we don't always Have to be serious! *grins and bats at you playfully* :}-


I must be getting old! I still don't know of what you are <br />
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