Strange Occurance

Not that long ago I woke up one night to find something strange. I had one of those dreams where I shift into wolf form and run through the forest. In my dream I was hunting for prey. when I woke up I found strange white fur on my bed. it was odd because I didin't have my dogs sleep near me, and nor are they white in any spot. It was strange because my therio-type is a white wolf. then when I got up out of bed and looked in the mirror I had blood around my mouth. it wasn't my own either because I had no cuts on me. I'm not exactly sure what happened to me, and I don't want to say I phisicaly shifted. So I'm not quiet sure what to think of this yet.

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thanks for the help, but I actually don't have a problem with bleeding gums, but it was a good idea. its possible i had pet fur on me from a friends house though.

I'd say the first thing to ask yourself is the blood, do you have a problem with bleeding gums at all? My mates gums bleed almost as though for no reason. And if you tend to toss a bit in your sleep or if you clench your teeth while you sleep it could quite possibly lead to you bleeding. <br />
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There are other therians though that have had strong mental shifts which made them sort of forget what was going on until they woke up in the woods with a rat in their mouth. This is an extreme case however, it doesn't happen that intensely for many. It doesn't mean they physically shifted it means they simply lost control of their human (logical thinking) mind.<br />
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I myself have found odd animal hairs in weird spots like on my clothing when I'd not been around any animals of that color. I have a bright orange cat and sometimes I find dark black hairs. This happens, and sometimes out of random and other times it's probably because there was an animal around at one point in time of that color. I mean, you know how hard it is to rid of animal fur in a house? I don't think it ever fully goes away XD<br />
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I had a friend that claimed she could sort of astrally project to another girls house and that it was so strong she left white hairs all over her friends chair. I might believe it if I didn't think she was also crazy (for many other reasons) so, yeah *shrugs*<br />
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It's good to try to kick out the logical things first, hope that gives you a good start! ;}-<

That's the only thing I've been able to come up with. sigh. I'm just not sure its for certain either.

Hmm. I believe you can transform into your theriotype in very special circumstances, so maybe you did. I'm not saying you did for certain, but I believe it's possible.

If it is possible, and that's what happened in this case, does that not also mean it can also happen to others and could therefore -- theoretically -- occur in other cases as well?