Can Someone Help Me I Dont No What I Am

This all started at age 11.I wanted to bite all the time i feel a connection with wolves.idk i get angry over the littlest things sometimes i just wanna hurt people i have strange dreams my dream is about me running in the woods in my dream i feel so free.when i turned 12 i was already 5ft6 i feel like theres something inside wanting to come out my father said wen i was 11 i had alotta power in my hands i fell diffrent from everyone at my school,my home.I just wanna know whats going on.I can hear better than my friends everyone i also can hear vibrations from like outsice can some please help i wanna no whats going on thank you
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i have the EXACT same symptoms happening to me RIGHT NOW as I type and i am 11 i hope it turns out well for you and me.. :/

You realize you are supposed to be 13 to use this site? Stop watching twilight

Sounds lik a werewolf to me ha u hav all the werewolf symptoms i think that is awsome im not gonna lie cauz i bite people in my family and i luv the outdoors. wen i bite i do nt let go. heh.

Im 13 and i feel the exact same way but ill wake up in my kitchen and ill wake up with cratche all over me. Its weird and im confused too.

My dear young friend what you are experiencing is called growing up.<br />
<br />
And it happens to all the teenagers;<br />
<br />
I felt exactly the same;<br />
<br />
I hope you enjoy your little powers and learn to enhance them