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I am a Therianthropic Werewolf too. I have known what I was all my life yet was never able to put quite a name to it as now. I have always felt that I was never quite human nor really belonged as a human and have always had a big connection to the Wolf. I had my first encounter with a Wolf when I was a child and never will forget it. I could hear his thoughts and when he looked into my eyes it was like I was looking into my own soul. It is what let me know that I was a Wolf and not human. I have had what I thought to be day dreams or dreams of my Wolf life. Running and hunting and my pack by my side. I take on certain aspects of the Wolf at times and even have a name for her, Keichea. I can howl and can see really well at night and can sometimes smell things that normal humans can't. I can track things very well although I am not an expert tracker. I also have a strong "sixth" sense when it comes to certain things like danger and have learned to develop it more and more as time goes on. I used to ignore my Wolf side as I thought others would label me a freak but since the birth of my daughter and her getting older I have discovered that she has a very strong Wolf side as well. We would both love to be able to change into Wolves and she has even more abilities than I do. We can both change our eye color and sometimes I feel like I grow fangs and can even shift other parts of my body but I am not sure of this. We both love the Wolf and would love to get into careers in Wolf Conservation. I became very close to a particular pack in Yellowstone named the Druid Peak Pack but just learned this year that they all met their demise by mange. I felt like I had lost my family and I grieved for them immensely. I was on line looking at different Werewolf sites and found this one and I am hopeful that I am at the right place. I just want to belong somewhere. I am 39 and am a single Mom and feel like I am so lost and alone. I could never tell anyone else what I am telling you all here. I don't know why I am other than the fact that I feel as though maybe there really are others out there like me. I need help and understanding of what I am. I have never found answers to anything before and thought for many many years that I am just nuts. Maybe now I can truly find somewhere that I can fit in. 

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Definitely you are not alone. I can relate to many of the things you describe. Being a werewolf can be a very lonely road sometimes. Being 37 myself, I have searched for answers for so long, for a place to belong and not feel trapped in this human body and in this human society. So remember... you are not alone :)

I NEED HELP, i want to join a pack and be able to shift ! please help !

i can't feet in this world no boddy understand me

You can and you will. I have been dealing with this since I was 8 years old. That's when I first started discovering just how different I am... I am now 41... I am a lot older than that though. My Mate and I have discovered we were together a very very long time ago. I was a Native American pack dog and he was a wild Wolf taken from the wild to become a pack dog. We were destined to be together. After we both passed on from that life I remember being a great black Wolf who was the Alpha female in a pack. I loved that life and the life as the dog. I hate being human but I guess this is what we are now so we deal with it. You can too!!! One thing us Therians are is strong and determined. Yes we can get depressed but we never give up entirely and you won't either. You get off your belly and fight!!!

u are right tanks

Well said Wolfette... i haven't been back on this site since we first made contact for the obvious reasons (you know me by now ). Had to open a new account 'cause i had forgotten my old one so if you want me to help you help others just let me know.

your timberwolf

licks & howls


i need help am so confused

My daughter is also 14 and I can just imagine what you are going through. With all that you have to deal with as it is being human but also being a therian on top of it is almost maddening. Although we may not live close we still can hel
p eachother here and that is where I am. I will never turn my back on my pack. That's not what TRUE Alphas do!

am in new orleans and u??

Am in Idaho....

i wanna join the pack !!!

hi am 14 and i been whit all thoose things u mention so what are we????? dark wolf i need real answers pleace!!!!

Well, we are Therians... Wolves or other animals trapped inside human bodies. We maintained the animal spirit/soul and therefore we have a much stronger connection with that animal than most. With me it is the Wolf. My Daughter and Mate are the same way. It can be a very lonely existance because we never fit in with humans and can't be with what we really know we are. I am finding solice in helping Wolves and someday I will be a part of a sanctuary for them as well. All you can do is keep it secret and understand that you are not a freak!!! This is something humans can't even comprehend so don't bother trying to explain it to anyone who isn't one of us. If you have anymore questions I am here.

hey am 14 and i have all thoose things u sayd dark wolf what should we do???? pleace help i want a real answer

*GRINS* Peridius I like you.... ROFLMAO!!! You sound just like me. I hate humans with a passion little seen.... Hey I get those phantom feelings quite often. It's due a lot to suppressing your Wolf. I actually FEEL my bones crack! In some instances Anger brings it on big time but sadness does as well. When I get this way the first thing I notice is my eyes change. I start to see things in a reddish hue and NO I don't think you're mental or even belong in a mental institute although I would advise you to keep this a secret because no human could ever really understand what we go through and they will deffinately put you in a nut house. Please be careful. Get on when you can and I am more than happy to chat with you!!! I am here for you my friend as I am with any other REAL Wolves out there. Just to give you a little info on me, when I get upset I start to feel my bones "shift". They crack sometimes and it is very very very painful!!! I start to feel my teeth vibrate and I get the sensation that my nails are growing. I only know that it doesn't really happen because I had a good friend that I can trust watch me once and even though my eyes did change color and my irises got quite small I never actually changed. God it would be so nice though if we could!!! I would give anything almost to be the Wolf I know I am. Feel free to contact me anytime Peridius. I am here.

Hey DarkWolf..howdo i add you heh,dont know how xD

Also,its good to know what you are,but(with all due respect) howdo you know i wont change physicly? It sure as hell hurts enough,and you cant pass off painful muscle spasms and locked up joints as mental-yes,sounds like a siesure but its not,because you probably dont feel your bones practically stretch either,or feel all the more like you need to tear something up as you freeze and start spasaming do you? No,in a siezure it feels like your whole body fell asleep and you get pins and needlesx10,at least thats what my friends,and neighbor say. What i feel is NOT pins and needles.<br />
you may be wondering why i dont log on that mutch,its because i dont want parents or any one else to catch me posting about this,theyll bring me to a therapist,put me on meds,maybe a padded cell,i dont know. Whado the damn humans know anyway,think they know everything as they chop down my home and put their wretched cities there,slaughter all the food,palute the air,hunt other 'animals' to extinction. If anyone's the animal-its the humans. Ignorant,stinking,wretched humans.

I know how you feel, Peridius. Most of the time I am writing this stuff while at work or after my parents are asleep. They did hear me howling and stuff one night, and wanted to send me away. I had to convince them I was fine... and had to be quieter when my "wolf side" took over. It sux. I feel confined in a human world. My wolf side is hidden dormant inside me most of the time, unable to be let loose or be "free," Not to mention there are a hoard of other things out there that probably want me dead. Not that I did anything wrong, but we DO have enemies...

I know how you feel, and would like to talk to you sometime. Feel free to message me sometime.

I also know the feeling of WANTING to shift but never being able to. It is not a seizure. It feels like my arms and legs WANT to stretch and form into claws, etc. I am completely conscious and aware of what is going on. I have seen my hands swell and felt like hair was going to grow out of them. And of course I always get the feeling that my canines are growing sharper, longer and pointier when my wolf side takes control. LOVE it when that happens, though. And I feel like i have SO much more energy, vigor and strength!!!

I have been actively seeking out others like me. There WAS a local shifter.... but I never got to meet him PERSONALLY. I saw him in wolf-form TWICE, but once I was driving, and another time it was by my home but when I went to go to it, it had run off. A black/grey wolf.... and I howled one night and heard his response back. Needless to say it was..... perverted..... raunchy. He wanted to mate with me.... and I could FEEL his lust in his howl.... I know you may not believe this, but believe me it IS REAL... He also left me a KILL not long after that, but since I cannot shift I did not eat it, nor did my wolf half want to take his offering. It was a dead deer carcus left on the side of the road with a BIG chunk taken out of it. Obviously a kill and not just a deer that was hit.

Anyways, feel free to message me if you want. I would be glad to help.

Peridius, No, I wasn't saying you were a poser. I was saying that I am looking for those that really aren't posers and so far you are the only one that has come forward that I KNOW is telling the truth. Other than another friend of mine. I really want to talk to you but unfortunately your settings are set to where I can't even chat with you or send you a message because you have your settings to block anyone who isn't a friend! LOL! Friend me and then we will chat more. I hate posting stuff here because ever "werewolf wannabe" out there can read our discussions and as I have discovered in the past us REAL Wolves are very secretive. Like the Wolf we trust very few and it is something that is earned. It is because we are Wolves just in human bodies. Please get in touch soon and I do apologize if I offended anyone by my previous comments. I am just looking for the truth!!! I am searching for others just like me....

Are you saying that Im larping?? Why would I go through the trouble to make any of this up?

OK.... Been reading these posts and so far the only one that rings true to what I am experiencing is Peridius!!! We can not change! Not truly!!! Everything is mental mostly! I have had the phantom feelings of growing teeth and claws but beleive me it never actually happens. The sooner you realize this the better off you will be. Don't bother looking for ways to change! There isn't any true ways to change! I have looked!!! I wanted real posts not posers claiming they are shape shifters and "friends with Vampires"... Blah blah blah.. If you want LARP go somewhere else... I want real answeres to what I am. The best one I have found yet has been from a person who I am now very good friends with. I have gotten more answeres from him than I have from anywhere else so far. When I said we are more that meant we are more than these people out there that are just having growing pains and identity crisises. For instance, The Wolf in me is actually a part of me. She is me and I can't explain it any other way. I am a Wolf. That's all there is to it. I have different things happen to me as far as signs of the Wolf. Eyes changing, phantom feelings of changing, desire to eat rare meat, howling, things like that! So if you are one like me than I will be glad to talk to you. Otherwise find some other place to play your games. It's not welcome on my post...

Im 13 and im a were wolf, ive been develiping some issues such as anger and bad nightmares about me killing this girl with long black hair, plz can somebody tell me whats happening to me?

Do you know how old this girl is in your dream? Is it somebody who plays some sort of role in your life? It sounds like maybe you have some unresolved past issues/dilemmas, whether it is your wolf side or just some unresolved issues you have that are causing you to have these wolfish nightmares. Have you had any other wolf-like symptoms? Have you tried meditation, as well? Meditation has helped me to bring back the lost memories of my wolf's past life.

Anger can also be a result of hormonal changes as you go through puberty. My sister had bad anger issues right around the time she was going through her early stages of puberty. Just another thought. Meditation helps to solve any unresolved dilemmas though, at least for me.

Mostly look for wolfish signs and not just "anger issues" or nightmares like heightened senses or acting like a wolf out of the blue... and meditation can help bring to light of maybe what is going on.

Well i know the shift happens due to high stress,imbalanced hormones,and adrenaline,the moon dosnt trigger it,but if its full it speeds the process marginally,while the shift progresses your body goes into shock almost immediatly,probably to defend against the waves of ensuing agony,i mean I have yet to shift,but I have an occasional spasm,wher suddenly everything hurts,then I feel like theres not enough room in me for my muscles and bones,as if theyre growing and my skin cant catch up,then I go partially numb and it hurts like hell,lasts for about one minute,longest was about 76 seconds. I hate them. i just wanna shift and get it over-with. I hate being human,so weak,so helpless. Want out of this damn body.

i know what your gitting at. I am 22 and do not complety under stand it yat .and i do magic and i am friends with vampires to they are not to bad if your careful.

we are talking about were wolfs not "vampires'

Oh,also,Ive noticed on other places ive checked that the people claiming to be werewolves are either 12 or 13,and have a totally rediculous story that dosnt add up and is almost cliche,like this one kid who (dear god-) calls himslef 'thunder-wolf' and is apparently an alpha male and has a master or something,this 'Thunderwolf' claimed to be the werewolf in 'the Gabel film' which you can find on you tube and the maker said so himself it was a total fake,and the rest of the lame explanation to his supposed lycanthropy are ill explained and seem not like real accounts but something he/she'd write just to get attention. Followed by more 'Hi Im so-and-so and Im (gasp!) 12 years old and Im a werewolf too and-' really? Another was 'heey im a girl werewolf and Im 12,my friend is a vampire and I dont kill her because I know I can trust her,and we do black magic and cast spells together'(...wow)Not to be picky but I really hope Im not going to be getting nothing but this as responses,sure,i may only be 15 but still,Im not just writing about myself like this just because I feel the need for extra attention,I just want some answers about what Im going through and someone sincere that I can relate too,not some wannabe little kid looking to be somebody.


If I dont respond immediatly Ill do so tomorrow,just letting you know

Hey,dont know if anyones still reading this but..Im a werewolf,Im 15,cant shift,dont know if I even can,I have strong animalistic urges,usually violent ones,hate sunlight because it hurts my eyes,great night vision,hearing,and smell. I dont understand how this work and sometimes I mentally(not physicly-yet)shift in.to a lycanthropic state,I know Im not just mental,i know Im lycanthropic,please,I need someone to talk to,to relate with. I know it may sound like Im lying or something but this is sincere. I feel trapped and all alone,I hate dealing with humans. I want to shift and be free,though I wont turn into a wolf(physicly impossible) Ill be close enough.

hey im a werewolf too been since birth and im in the same situation cause everyone i know(besides family)are human 16 by the way

Sometimes i wish i could turn into my wolf form and escape from this human body and run with the wolves.i know im a werewolf cus im going threw an awakening.my parents dont seem to understand me.but when i sleep or am alone the white wolf emerges.i call myself aniu.and when i turn i feel at peace and at home. So youre not alone and neither am i.

Sometimes i wish i could turn into my wolf form and escape from this human body and run with the wolves.i know im a werewolf cus im going threw an awakening.my parents dont seem to understand me.but when i sleep or am alone the white wolf emerges.i call myself aniu.and when i turn i feel at peace and at home. So youre not alone and neither am i.

People ususally dont understand what happens when one unleashes their other side. you feel this new sense of life and belonging and you just dont know what to do with it. night is the only time that it comes alive but then your human life is pulling you back and you keep things on a thread. you feel like you're ready to snap. when the moon shines on your face or you're surrounded by your kind, you feel at home. but during the day you just cant wait for it to be over. i feel ya.

Agreed. I felt lost for the longest time until my wolf side of me revealed itself. You feel alive, and refreshed, rejuvenated... and I love the sun and the moon myself. I love basking in the sun's glow to "warm my fur" and soak in its rays. At night the glow of the moon excites me for a hunt.

hi , just looking at your statement,, it does suggest that perhaps you are feeling a little down at the moment,have you be feeling depessed or have some anxiety.this may have brought back your sleepwalking. i myself still do it today in my 40s.so dont panic. attacking your teacher!! have you been having mood swing and alike. due to the fact your entering your early teens this is quite common to try and feel your feet in knowing your place,either within a human world or wolf pack. i would give it a few years yet . purely to your hormones changing,with you growing up.. i also was confused before 13 though,i was a outsider from around 7.when i came to think something was wrong with me.i would only say talk one day at a time,dont think dont worry.. life goes on . wether you a teenager ,, lycanthropy, werewolf or wolf spirit,, dont force it,,,everything will become clear to you in time. till then awoooooooooooo.

Hey MusicalHeart1. What you could be experiencing is just growing up but my daughter sleep walks too. It scares the heck out of me. We both wake up with scratches and bruises on us all the time. I can have a pretty bad temper at times too. I am not sure what you are experiencing but you have a friend here. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I have been really busy. BTW, do you have any other signs of being "different"? Like, for instance, your eyes change color or craving rare meat and such? I found that the eye changing color thing is actually something quite common in people who have hazel eyes which me and my daughters are. I am sure this all can be explained but even I am looking for the answers. Anyway, you have a friend here and can talk to me anytime. I am a very good listener. =)

Hi.Im 13 and i think im a werewolf butim not sure my parent say i used to sleepwalk and i think im starting to again. ill wake up on my kitchen floor at like 5 in the morning. ill wake up with surface scatches all over me. I attackedmy teacher and im an honor roll student. I had never got into a fight before. I fell just punching for the stupidest reasons. I love dogs. Big dogs. So i hope you read this and can give mesome advice.