Mind Sets Gone Wrong.

Hello, I'm well my name is not important what is important is why I'm here and what I'm writing and all of you that are here to read what I right. Well I'm here with a problem, that was brought about by my up-bringing. All my life I've been treated like a monster, not really like by many and I am looked at like a monster, and when we have "civilized" company around my house I'm supposed to stay in my room, like a beast in a cage, well now on to my problem because of all of this mistreatment and abuse, because I've been considered "crazy" my entire life because no body knew really what I was which is a Therianthropic Werewolf, and well what is happening as of late is my hate for people is starting to manifest in the way that I believe that they are worthless prey for my fun, and I used to be able to control that feeling but after all the treatment I've become accustomed to it is becoming hard to control the feeling that I should start hunting my prey. Now I know my situation probably won't really seem normal to you either as well as others I've told but, I figured maybe some of you could give some advice to help me control myself, because the wolf in me is taking over.
WolfBlade WolfBlade
18-21, M
Jan 28, 2011