Plz Ii Need Halp

I am a werewolf and i have yat to change i need to know why .I can fill it but it seems to stop befir it gos to far.I have know for a wile dut did not belive untill 2 years or so ago it is giting wers as time go by. I am not scared or ineting i do wont to be a werewolf but something is keeping me from changeing and i think i need some halp.
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Actually that does give me the right to say what you are and what you are not.<br />
Its called "Freedom of speech".But listen, since im so incredibly noble, if you send me a video of you 'transforming' than im going to forget my evil ways.

thetruthisexposed im going to say this know even if you dont believe in what we are that gives you no right to say what we are and are not as they have no right to tell you what you are or are not but i will leave on this note we fight for what we love and someone must have done something extreamly bad to make you who you are today and i pity that you might not ever the the truth

you are right

I know quite a lot of things.<br />
As evidenced by my superior typing and knowledge of Biology, hurr dedurr, silly e-mortals.

lolololol if your such a god and everything.... how come you dont know a ******* thing?

I don't cry and I'm no more special than any one else btw I have a life and it perfect the way it is

Wow ur so mature arnt u I don't think ur no 66's to 70's years old and no not every one on here Is liars like u ur probably so guy who's in his 20's to 30's living with his parents in their ba<x>sement with no life just loving to put people's dreams down and u see this site and seen how special we are so u had to make up some bull crap lies to try to fit in

Correct, I am not 70 year old, I simply clicked on the oldest available age, for the lulz..
I have no life?
You seem to be the one crying because I crushed your dreams of being "Special".

" just loving to put people's dreams down"
He mad.

Well, we are all liers here, aren't we?<br />
<br />
Teenwolf, I give you the name of Dirty Doormat man.

Your name is Dirty Doormat man.
I declare it by the power given to me by noone.

O and so called god grow the **** up stop acting like a little child get a life man and if u come back with u need to get a life I'm going to laugh in ur face cus I already have one so dose teenwolf and zeck

O and that shows how much I know so called god

Btw I'm not a werwolf I'm a darkangel hahahaha u know nothing

I here by name you Lampshade head.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I find it funny how me being God is actually more possible than you turning into a werewolf, herpiderpydo


Of ur this so called god tell me my name and if u tell me or any one else that u don't need to prove any thing to us I know ur lying about every thing

How do you know what God would say?<br />
You're not God, I am. And im saying Lucifer is my dawg.<br />
Problem?<br />
Besides, I don't have to prove anything to you.

Teen and Zeck dose this guy think that he knows every thing about every thing


Erm, no I haven't.<br />
Im god, i can do whatever I want and be considered God, i mean i drowned the entire planet but you still worship me.<br />
<br />
Next proof.

hehehe thats what you think

The "Get a life" insult wasn't original insulting or funny the first 7 times you said it.Repeating it won't make it funnier.Like i said before, i don't have to prove anything to small minded werewolves, i said we gods have different genetic make up.Now the funny part here is, im not the one harassing, you are.Im simply using the freedom of speech given me here, and challenging you on an open debate.You however don't debate, you just try to throw insults at me or use the "I don't have to prove anything to you".Those are both very cheap tactics, and not even an idiot would fall for them.<br />
Every single one of these cheap tactics can be used against you, so if you keep using them you're just digging your own little grave.You can't blackmail me or threaten me into shutting up, because that would be oppression, and i don't like being oppressed one little bit.If you get my ip banned i will use a proxy.<br />
<br />
If you want to say you can brake all laws of biology genetics space time and common sense, than you are going to have to prove it,When Albert Einstein was asked to prove the theory of relativity, he didn't say "LOL I DUN HAVE TO PROOF ANYTHING" and run out yelling "Haters gonna hate!:

Known by who?
Besides your roleplaying buddies.

just ignore him knw lol hes just sayin the same thing over and over again thats way i keep sayin Get A Life too him lol again and again let him think wot hes wants we knw the truth if he wants to call us roleplayers let him it wont change what we knw is true and what we are and WE ARE WERELWOLFS!!!!!

and he can say wot he wants cuz he is harassing us and it will be dealt with

You're running away now?
And I thought i'd get more fun out of this.
But you see, im not harassing you, because i never insulted you.
You however did try to insult me many times.
You will be dealt with, not I.

Once again, a bold claim with nothing to support it.
Do you ever use common sense?

I am looking, but my old eyes can't see as good as they used to, please be a good lad and point this "proof" out for me?

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like i said before i dont have to prove anything to small minded humans and like i said we have a different genetic make up ;) i dont need to say anymore than that you and if people read all your comments in all your post they will see like i have saw that your are not god hahahaha i will love you and leave you at that you may follow me around on here if you like i dont mind keepin you company but if you do keep slatin my fellow werewolf i will get your ips address band so you cant make any more profiles to keep harassing people its bullying and i dont approve of it, like i said many time before find your self a nice girlfreind :)

Yeah, i stopped reading after the first 3 sentences.<br />
If im such a lonely old fool, be a nice young lad and explain to me how me how you can prove you're a werewolf? Or, how you can prove im not God.<br />
Slapping rolepla<x>yers around is a hobby of mine.If you were actually not a marry sue, i'd leave you alone.Now, are you going to keep chanting the 'YOU MUST HAVE NO LIEF" line, as if its something original and funny, or are you going to prove me wrong on my last posts (How you can survive a werewolf shift, and how you can prove you're a werewolf, and how you can prove im not god)

i thought you was god so you should know lol, and ive read on your other posts that you have said to other people that god is never comin back and hes a doosh bag lol so it sound to me your the biggest rolepla<x>yer on here claimin to one thing then changin your mind the next, your a demon or god pick one god damn it lol and yes you are lonely we can see it in your posts that are out everywhere you most spend all day everyday on here hahahaha, it seems you like to put people down to make your feel better which is sad for someone of your age, why dont you find your self a nice old lady to watch tv with and drink tea with and live the rest of what life you have left before you waste it all puttin people down on here,

Im not lonely, just incredibly bored.<br />
<br />
Hey, no god would openly smite someone, right?

i think he wood if it was some thing that soud not exist and its true we love you and will keep you company as long you need.hehe old man hehehe

most werewolf cnt shift or dont know how too and i did not say i could or could not shift and if you are god then smite me ohhh mightly smiter lol you anit god and werewolfs exist you just like to play games with ppl on this website cuz your aloney old man and i feel pity for you, so you can keep tryin to say my kind werewolfs dont exsit but all the werewolfs out there knw otherwise we knw our truth but your just gona keep sayin **** but have your funn we'll keep you company old man no worries we all love you

Erm, I already proved that you can't shift, i just said it in my last few posts.So, im God, if im God im God, who are you to say otherwise?Unless you know someone that has made a genetic experiment on God, than just shut up about stuff, you're nothing about making yourself look like a fool.<br />
<br />
<br />
See?I can play like that too.<br />
Now the problem here is, I can't prove you're not a werewolf using your logic, but the other problem is, you also can't prove im not actually God, using your own logic.<br />
So, yeah you should either try to actually supply me with a valid argument, or start praising your new lord and master.<br />
<br />
The badly spelled death threats really don't work, so you should drop those unless you think of something original, like 'Im going to rip out your intestines and decorate a cristhmas tree with them", see? That's original.Not something from a retarded Anime plot.<br />
<br />
<br />
But you aren't even a real werewolf, i mean you just admitted you can't "Shift", so i didn't have to prove you can't shift, you proved it yourself.If you just say you don't have to prove anything to me, than that means you can't prove anything to me, and you're scared so you run away.But, the same goes for me, Im God, but i don't have to prove it to you, right?

no one has to prove anything to you, if they can shift they can who are you to say otherwise if you can prove we cant shift then prove it, if you cant then wow you will look silly and human, werewolf vampires, demons all have a different genetic make ups so unless you have got or know anyone that has done genetic experiment on us and published it just shut up about stuff you knw nothing about you makin youself look like a fool

I never said i was a scientist, this is just common knowledge.<br />
You haven't proved me wrong yet, maybe its because you can't?<br />
Ah well, im waiting.<br />
<br />
<br />
@Zeck666<br />
You entertainment yourself from me entertainmenting me so i can feel like a battery, and you pie me too?<br />
Alright.....erm....that's nice?

Hehe i like you

hahaha you really overestimate demons Theturthisexsposed maybe some of them can destory entire nations but the ones i have encountered werent that strong and were dealt with, i mean even humans can kill demon or send them bk to hell so they wot makes you think they that stong, and when did i ever say i could shift in to my wolven side i merely stated that its is possible you fool, and i knw for a fact any werewolves with any sense would never admit to bein able to shift on a website lolz

Yeah, unfortunatly genomes don't work that way, when a cell is re-written, these genomes are also overwritten because these genomes are in the said earlier cell.Any sudden change in these genomes means disaster (If not death).<br />
<br />
@Zeck666, because as the bible said, im actually a gigantic ***** and like to torment you for my entertainment.<br />
<br />
As for the rubbish part, this is called "Discussion" and "Debate", if you say you can defy all laws of physics and transform into a werewolf, you're going to prove it to me, and il say "Yeah, that's cool!", but before that il ask you how you can bend these laws of physics, or possibly ask you to send me a picture of you in your "werewolf" form, or a video of you transforming into a werewolf, of course you won't be able to do that (we both know why), and you will make an excuse about possibly "Hoomans" or the "Goverment" hunting you down if you give me such evidence, or even less original, As for the part with the death threat, actually i don't feel intimidated or scared by it because even if i disregard your spelling, if we look at mythology its pretty damn obvious any sort of "Demon" or negative entity would be stronger than a werewolf because all of them supposedly have the power to destroy entire nations while werewolves are predators that only stalk sheep or "Hoomans". Feel free to prove me wrong here, if you do, than congratulations, you beat the final boss of the internet.

ya and you entertainment me trying to entertainment your safe because you have to put down others believes to make your self fill batter so i also kinda piety you as well

not evrything can be answered with what you read THETRUTHISEXPOSED the werewolf (lycan) body have genomes that proctect us if or when ever we go though a shift, yes it may still be painful but its not life threatin you fool hahahaha, and wot do demons and there kin doin postin rubbish on a werewolf post, your time will come lil demon

But since you were so nice, and you already believe in everything as you said it, it is time to reveal my true form!<br />
<br />
I am God, teenwolf, you may bow before me as the ultimate power in the universe!<br />
<br />
Of course, if you deny the fact that im actually God incarnate and refuse to bow before my awesome power, than you wouldn't be believing everything.That would make you a very bad person, which you are already.Good people don't end up here, you know.

Go a head and do what you want you entertain me so keep it up.and if your GOD then tell us why you have trued your back on us?

pfttt your god thats a joke if you are come face me ill laugh at your awsome power, and slap you with your own hands lol and ill make you bow before my leaders before they rip you limb from limb will be good times xxxxxxxxx

Because you're immature silly, roleplaying to be a werewolf on a website is enough to show me what kind of a person you are, the fact that you blocked me shows that you can't and don't want me to ruin your little game, unfortunatly blocking me hardly stops me.I may continue to smash your fantasy world if i don't find another source of entertainment soon.

it has not happned yat it is giting coles

-Puts monocle on-<br />
<br />
Actually Teenwolf, the otherkin spirituality has me under "Demonkin", so in a way i suppose im not that "Human". unfortunatly i do not have any super villain powers and i also can't transform into Godzilla, the same goes for you.The underworld series "Lycan" is a hollywood term for werewolf, it comes from the mental illness "Lycanthropy", in which a man behaves like a werewolf, going in a frenzy etc, without actually becoming one.The transformation part was later added in the "Werewolf" which is an english invention (Wer= man Wolf= beast).A werewolf "transformation" would mean you'd have to completly change your body cells, the pain from that would be so horrible that you will go insane, but of course that requires you to survive the transformation, which you won't because your brain cells changing will instantly kill you.If you somehow survive the transformation you will either have horrible brain damage, or forget everything before the transformation, you will not regain that memory when you "Change back", because its likely that you don't change back.If you claim to be able to "Transform" into a werewolf, than it would be useless for me to say that you're lying, because you yourself know it very well.<br />
Considering your response, im waiting for a block and possibly a ragefilled post before it.

I can sympathize with you zeck, while not considered a werewolf, I am a wolf therian (and have lived many years ago as an alpha female wolf). I understand the feeling of not trusting others, its a completely normal animalistic response, wolves tend to be cautious towards others rather than fight (unless backed into a corner). I myself cannot trust others with the knowledge that I am a wolf, people would think Im insane. However, it comforts me to know that there are others out there like myself, therians and werewolves alike. You arent alone, you have us.

thxs so much :'( i am so happy to know you guys are with me oh and will you join us to stop the war

if you want you can join us we are going to come out of the shadows but we dont want war we woud like to try to show humans that we are not monsters

i know but i have stuff over them to they are not human ether. and thx its good to have people to trust but i cant tuust my family

wot do you mean there not human prey tell me wot they are ?

It's good that you've told people you can trust but be careful because they might tell someone else so just keep an eye on them just because theres always that risk.

You do realize "Lycans" are a fictional race of werewolves from the underworld movie series?<br />
Also, you do realize a "Lycan" shift would instantly kill you, rite?

You shapeshift then, teenwolf?

i am 22 and i still dont know whats going on not all the way and is it odd that i wont to be a part of a pack and some other things are going on to

Well sweety it usually takes a while 4 a lycan to change usually it starts around teen years but it will come