Plz Ii Need Halp

I am a werewolf and i have yat to change i need to know why .I can fill it but it seems to stop befir it gos to far.I have know for a wile dut did not belive untill 2 years or so ago it is giting wers as time go by. I am not scared or ineting i do wont to be a werewolf but something is keeping me from changeing and i think i need some halp.
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it has not happned yat it is giting coles

-Puts monocle on-<br />
<br />
Actually Teenwolf, the otherkin spirituality has me under "Demonkin", so in a way i suppose im not that "Human". unfortunatly i do not have any super villain powers and i also can't transform into Godzilla, the same goes for you.The underworld series "Lycan" is a hollywood term for werewolf, it comes from the mental illness "Lycanthropy", in which a man behaves like a werewolf, going in a frenzy etc, without actually becoming one.The transformation part was later added in the "Werewolf" which is an english invention (Wer= man Wolf= beast).A werewolf "transformation" would mean you'd have to completly change your body cells, the pain from that would be so horrible that you will go insane, but of course that requires you to survive the transformation, which you won't because your brain cells changing will instantly kill you.If you somehow survive the transformation you will either have horrible brain damage, or forget everything before the transformation, you will not regain that memory when you "Change back", because its likely that you don't change back.If you claim to be able to "Transform" into a werewolf, than it would be useless for me to say that you're lying, because you yourself know it very well.<br />
Considering your response, im waiting for a block and possibly a ragefilled post before it.

I can sympathize with you zeck, while not considered a werewolf, I am a wolf therian (and have lived many years ago as an alpha female wolf). I understand the feeling of not trusting others, its a completely normal animalistic response, wolves tend to be cautious towards others rather than fight (unless backed into a corner). I myself cannot trust others with the knowledge that I am a wolf, people would think Im insane. However, it comforts me to know that there are others out there like myself, therians and werewolves alike. You arent alone, you have us.

thxs so much :'( i am so happy to know you guys are with me oh and will you join us to stop the war

if you want you can join us we are going to come out of the shadows but we dont want war we woud like to try to show humans that we are not monsters

i know but i have stuff over them to they are not human ether. and thx its good to have people to trust but i cant tuust my family

wot do you mean there not human prey tell me wot they are ?

It's good that you've told people you can trust but be careful because they might tell someone else so just keep an eye on them just because theres always that risk.

You do realize "Lycans" are a fictional race of werewolves from the underworld movie series?<br />
Also, you do realize a "Lycan" shift would instantly kill you, rite?

You shapeshift then, teenwolf?

i am 22 and i still dont know whats going on not all the way and is it odd that i wont to be a part of a pack and some other things are going on to

Well sweety it usually takes a while 4 a lycan to change usually it starts around teen years but it will come