The Pain......

I am a Wolf trapped in this human bondage, the pain of not being able to be free is tearing me apart, I continue my search for a Pack outside of my territory, though i still greatly love my Pack, I feel i must wonder the world, and we wolves are social creatures so I'm looking for those who understand me unlike the humans that surround me.... I have always longed for the woods, nature calls to me but I'm stuck in a city full of these people..... In my Pack I am the Beta.... or second in command..... I preform my duties but have yet to find my mate, My Alpha Has encouraged me many times but the males are to immature..... We all have names that we call ourselves besides the one that were given to us by the humans.... Mine is Nitski Night, or Night for short. I am known for my stealth, quick tongue and Loyalty. 16 years of age and in high school..... I would love to hear from others like me..... feel free to message me anytime to hear any of my stories or just to chat
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I Am a Therianthropic Werewolf but i simply go by my name sam assylum i feel your pain but know you can channel your wolf to the outside world where your body unleashes the attributes of your wolf faster stronger super heightened senses and reflexes i learned how to do this not even a year ago but ever since then i have been able to at least mentally transform into what i really am and if you are willing to learn i can teach you too message me if you would like to start

Hey i wish i could let my inner wolf out u sound very nice i 6teen 2 my wolf name is blackpaw but some cal me nico im know 4 my biting speed and my loyalty 2 mi friends