My first encounter with a wolf was when I was nine and my Aunt took me to a zoo, and i saw the endangered red wolf, she was nervous with all the people around her and i noticed a "New Exhibit" sign over her cage. I walked over and looked at her, the minute our eye locked I felt her sprite reach out to me, I felt so bad, I started to cry, and whispered over and over to my self "you don't belong in a cage" and i think she heard me, she trotted over to my side of the containment, and relaxed in the shade, My aunt asked if i wanted to see the rest of the animals and i said no and stayed by that cage until the zoo had to close....... I perused to get her free, and away from every ones gaze, My Aunt agreed and we did all we could but it was no use the officials said it was best for the population to  be reproduced in captivity and said no. years later i found The young wolf refused to mate, and died in that cell..... I am now the head off a group of animal rights activists And encourage everyone to keep a mindful eye of every creature whether it's a mouse or a bear, let nature run its course, don't Taint it with Human Soil....
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I am touched with this story. I hate zoos, al those poor animals. I don't want to look at it

I, i'm so touched by your story. although i had experienced something like that too. That's why i hate going to the zoo: i can't bear to look at the poor caged animals. True?

It took a while but i am hear to listen

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