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Therianthropic Werewolf

I hope I haven't confused too many people with this phrase, which I have coined to describe myself and a small group of other people.

Basically, a Therianthropic Werewolf is a reincarnated wolf soul that's within a human body.

"That's a Therian, but where does the werewolf come in?", you might ask. Well, "Therian" is a term used to describe a large variety of people who believe they are reincarnated animal spirits..... however I might add that this can be any animal, for example a horse, bird, or even fish. So, simply saying that I was a Therian would not be enough to cover what -kind- I was. Thus, I am a Therianthropic Werewolf. The root meaning of the word "werewolf" is "were", meaning man, and of course "wolf". This means that both the usage of the word in speaking of a reincarnated wolf and a physical wolf shapeshifter are both correct.

Unlike normal stories you hear about werewolves, a Therianthropic Werewolf (TW for short) doesn't shapeshift.... physically. However, they CAN mentally shift into a wolf-like state of mind, which does heighten their senses and may even allow some memories of their wolf lifetime to flow through. This is known as a "mental shift".. Mental shifts can happen when the TW is excited, stimulated, or in most cases under the influence of direct will to mentally shift.

As for myself, I am a Therianthropic Werewolf by birth. I have lived 27 lifetimes as a wolf, in which my last life was actually included as my 27th. While I don't understand exactly why I'm here in this form for this life, I can at least share my knowledge to the best of my abilities. In other words, if you have any questions are comments I would be more than happy to hear them =)

Sparklepaws Sparklepaws 18-21, M 59 Responses May 19, 2008

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Real werewolves don't make a damn page about themselves its too risky solo what I'm trying to say is that almost everyone posting fake **** they prob heard or seen from a movie aren't a real werewolves

So is that why i feel like a wolf and i really love nature a lot even thoe i do feel like bitting stuff sometimes so i bite my pillow what could i do to stop the bitting It the feeling to scratch someone or something

Why are we here?
That's all I want to know.
I dont associate with therian, lycan, or wereeolf, or anything like that. Just me, wolf soul/human body. All I want to know is... why?

I am also the same, but I seek a pack. Is that just me or all therians? My best friend is a vampire as crazy as it sounds, we are meant to be enimies but she was recently turned and it didn't change a thing although I moved states and I can't see her anymore, she has other vampires but I'm left here, I'm on my own and I just want a pack, I live in South australia, if anyone is interested message me :)

hi im in nsw Australia I have a pack if you wouldlike to join you are more than welcome

thank you so much !!but im in SA and i am looking more for a pack i can hang out with, online is cool and stuff but you cant do physical things online like running through the woods :/ thank you though

That's so beautiful. A lot of people probably think this sounds psyco but i think it's amazing. My boyfriend was talking about werewolves and reincarnation the other night. He then began to reminisce back to 1818. It's not in any way weird to me but i happen to come from a family of witches so the supernatural is just normal stuff in my life.

Go to the woods alone, at night...and the rest will come

I believe I am a Therianthropic Werewolf as well. My ancestors are Choctaw. It saddens me sometimes that I no longer have the chance to speak with my ancestors about our past and culture. Full moons definitely mesmerize me. I also have wolf-like habits: standing/walking on my toes instead of my full foot, small noises bother me/get my attention, a person's nervous tick annoys me, and smells intoxicate me. I remember, when I was about 8, I could hear my aunt bat her eye lashes when she wore a certain mascara. Sometimes when I am hungry I have taste for raw venison, but I sate it with fish.

Have any of you ever seen shadow figures that resemble a part wolf part human creature? Or been woken up by someone yelling in your face? Do you feel something watching you at night?

i do the same things except the meat thing... but ive also been told by my friends that i sound like a dog when i get my foot steped on or startled ( i yelp evidentally) do you think i could be one? (i also keep having dreams about a white wolf...)

That is all me i feel like a wolf and act like a wolf exept for the meat and specially the small noices i hate when someone writes with a pencil thenthey make that screeching noice they did that in camp and i yelled stopped with the pencil already

I'm a Therian. I'm Native American (Cherokee). My grandmother always calls me Running Wolf instead of the name I go by lol. She knows I'm a Therian. Its good someone from my ancestry understands.

i have sort of a question. my friend told me he got bit by a large animal, and the wound healed quickly, hes had a bigger appetite, hes having dreams that hes chasing someone. and the way things look to him is weird. hes even jumped out his window and said he didnt get hurt. he believes he is a werewolf. any comments let me know please.

Idk but i do that all the time ive jump off my roof and It was a two story floor and my bone broke it healed in leas than two minutes by just holding It and my friend broke her arm and i just just holded It and she saw it heal and she told me how did you do that and i just went running out the back door but she followed so i jump the fence and she stokes me now and i just stay quite and dont talk the wolf soul is my reincarnation and i know that

Wolf is my Native American ancestors' last name and their family totem. Vampires are attracted to and fear me at the same time! I have no fear but am very excitable. Dogs usually love me as a member and leader of packs or feel competition for their territory! Your explanation for Werewolves being a product of reincarnation is reasonable and I believe correct for both werewolves and vampires with anemia aggravating vampiric conditions! We are related to dogs!

Is it possible to have more than one animal lifetime such as human lion wolf.

i think some people have two therian animals

Yeah i think that too

I think I am a therianthropathic werewolf, but I'm not really sure. I'm half sure I'm insane, and half sure I have a wolf in me. Sometimes when someone really ***** me off, it feels like I'm on the verge of attacking the person who pissed me off. I get flashes of a wolf's face snarling at me, but I don't know if it's my imagination. Whenever I'm particularly happy or sad, I feel like howling, whining, growling, etc. Then I don't really like people either, they just frustrate me for some reason. But whenever a wolf therian is near I just KNOW it. Now I don't really know how I know but if I had hackles they would be rising. So I'm kind of divided here, what the heck is wrong with me????

You're in the wrong body. You should be a wolf, but instead you were born human. Same as me :) so yeah, you are a wolf therian.

If you need support, you could always join my new wolf pack?

i feel like i was born a werewolf and have a wolf soul in me rather then a human cause i feel the erge to bite things and want to howl when there's a full moon also i feel like my body is changing and im going to leap out of my skin and i have this real bad hot anger inside of me so do you think i may be a werewolf.

this is also common with demon channeling- just saying....

need help i hard a werewolf howl. it was not a dog howl. it was diffent it wroke me up from my deep dream. after i heard that sound . i felt like something touch me in my room. but i was a only . and i felt right back to sleep then i dream of a werewolf. but it did not harm me he just look at me as if it knew me or something. so i fall the wereworlf. it had yellow eye and brown hair. it was very tall . it mosty on it paw. what does it mean . i been dream about vampire and demon and angel never werewolf till now please right back thanks ps i am not making it up. o i live in a city . does werewolf live in a city

i believe i am a Therianthropic Werewolf as well. i have had this flashbacks and vivid memories, quite often. ive had these dreams for possible a few years now, this changes started after a very traumatic event. in a way i believe it triggered the mental transformation. when a time of crisis or trauma i go through an extremely painful change, but i feel extremely aggravated, uncontrollable, i am unpredictable its happened to the point where i attack others trying to help, the physical changes that have affected me, i am an extremely muscular male, kind at the heart, but i can be extremely hostile as well. i believe i was a beta wolf in my past life, for a few reasons. jealousy in my vivid visions/ dreams toward another pack member, i have learned to summon this memories quite easily, i just have to meditate and concentrate for briefly 3-5 minutes. my question would be is it normal for a traumatic event to "activate" the visions and character shifts? and this may sound weird but i seem to get in a lot of conflicts when i was in high school, to growl when you fight? cause i seem to have done this a lot.

Do any of you have the ability to sense other werewolves? There used to be one local to me.... a P-shifter, so it is why I asked. He has since lost his wolf, though. Not sure what happened, but I no longer hear him howling at nights or sense him around. And part of his territory has become mine.

we all have the ability to sense others i think we smell different me and my best friend found each other hiking in the wood he following my smell and me his if that helps...

@LunarFang: What makes you think Shadow Creatures took it? Sometimes mine would leave on its own will, then get lost, etc. During this time I only felt like I was half of myself until she returned. Or most of the time my wolf half hides inside of me, dormant until she feels the need to come out. Yet I know she is in there.<br />
<br />
I would like for you to contact me, if you can. Maybe help you resolve this dilemma.

i'm Therianthropic Werewolf too, but my wolf side was stolen away from me by shadow creatures while i slept, for aby one that has never bein attack by shadow creatures they are beings that are dream spirits and they normal just prey on normal human and torment them i;m not sure wot i did too anger them. anyone now wot to do i wish too free my wolven side as i get these horrble dreams that im wolven side is bein made to fight somewhere, each day i feel like im gettin weaker i get headaches all the time ive lost my will to go outside, nd now the cold gets to me were as before i could go out in just shorts nd t-shirt in the snow nd it not bother me

Lunar you need to go on a dream walk...

This is... Amazing. I must say, i think i might be a therian too. Im not really sure how to put this, but... I always seem to know my place. Other humans disgust me and every time im angered i have these flashing images of me as a wolf biting someone's throat. It might be a memory, it might be my imagination getting ahead of me, but i dont know. Also, when me and my brother wrestle, i usually yelp when he hurts me or wins or i fall off the couch. Its also weird, because i can see things coming. As in, when my brother goes to hit me, i always block it or dodge it. But ive been trying to ignore these instincts and act normal. When my mom or my brother severely **** me off, i cant help acting like a wolf. When this happens, my mind gets foggy and i cant think straight, and i cant find words to say. I cant get my point across. Also, when my emotions run rapid, or im really depressed, and im walking down the street, streetlights will turn off... I told this to my mom and she looked really freaked out. And then she told me that the same thing has been happening to her for years.

I am a Therianthropic Werewolf. I was awakened in Sept. 2009. My animal is an Arctic Wolf named Snow. I always knew I was something other-than-human for the longest time, and I was ALWAYS into werewolves somehow, and wolves. I used to role play as a white wolf named Snow as a child, and I never understood HOW I came up with the name (it just felt natural), until I got in touch with my inner wolf. She has taken over at times (split personality kind of thing), and I swear lately I have been getting headaches when she takes over. She causes me to howl, growl, bark, and my canines even FEEL like they are getting longer. I am stronger and faster a bit too. I am still conscious but she can take control at any point. She tends to remain dormant inside me most of the time. I usually ask her to come out or if anything provokes her she will just take control. For instance, I was reading a Therianthropic Werewolf forum (which UNFORTUNATELY is CLOSED, so I have NO WAY to talk to other Therians like myself D:), but I have not had ANY P-shifts. I have a friend who CAN P-shift, well he claims to have at least, and even killed one of his friends because his FRIEND had a photo of him SHIFTED, and was using it to call MY FRIEND a monster and taunt him/threaten him. The photo was never found so I never got to see it myself... reports flew out after his death that an animal attacked and killed his friend. I have another friend who claims to P-Shift but there is no solid evidence that he can or has. Only my first friend aforementioned has been the most likely case. He CALLED ME one time, begging me to HELP HIM since he did NOT WANT TO SHIFT and his wolf half was taking control... it was the most horrific yet awesome thing I EVER heard, but I was worried about my friend at the time so that was what I was focused on. He sounded like a WOLF but also like a BEAST/MONSTER... he growled/barked at me as my friend faught against it... and I never heard anything more frightening in my life.<br />
<br />
My wolf side tends to be more playful and innocent, but HIS... forces him to kill friends, and strangers alike. It makes him have a hunger for human flesh that just makes my stomache cringe. My wolf likes the typical wolf-foods: MEAT of course, but NOT HUMAN: deer, rabbit, cow, antelope, etc. I dunno WHY, but I have never had an interest or taste for human flesh like he has... ANY IDEAS WHY? Mind you, I am THANKFUL I DON'T, but I am still curious as to what causes this interest and taste for human flesh? My friend says it was only after he TASTED IT after shifting that he got into it, before he was into typical normal meat.... inhuman of course, until he made his first kill...

I had my first Mental shift a few days ago and I'm not sure what it means...... I was walking home and i saw a guy who goes to my school but I've never paid much attention to him. He saw me and walked over and said "Hi" but when i went to say hi back something within me growled and I had this urge to run. so i just turned around and left..... the past couple days I've been having these weird dreams where I was running through woods as a wolf and then attacked by another wolf.... and normally dreams play over and over but this one continues from where it stopped every time I fall asleep....

this may explain the fact that you were possibly an omega wolf in a past life, these wolves were the lower rnakings who got abused, in possibilty, he was another therianthropic werewolf of a higher ranking possibly a alpha or beta, ive felt this same urge but mine was for dominance

i read all of this and i under stand a little . but what if after the mined shift you stare to fill like your changing fisecly. <br />
<br />
<br />
p.s. i can not spell vary good.

..I am not sure 100% if i'm a tw but well ever since i was young i could talk or communicate with cats and dogs easily and well i'm 11 and I'm starting to flip out but i'm still there like okay so i get mad and i start to involuntarily growl and snarl i usually glare and quiver my shoulders its a bit akward but it still feels... natural? I am really good with babies and they naturally like me but i'm starting to have to urge to howl or whine, no I'm very serious but um.. one more thing is i am starting to have dreams they are just really black and I feel... warm, when i wake up AND in the dream. do you think that i may be a TW? one more thing.. i REALLY dont like people i dont know well, like i have to know them for about 3 weeks and then i'm fine with them... does that mean anything?

What about ur first shift ??<br />
How old do u have to be <br />
and how do you know u r one u know a wolf....

my first shift happened at 13, after the death of grandfather, i began to have this strong visions, i believe i have shifted once or twice in total, extremely painful ordeal, your body overheats, and you pass out right after. and you just know youre one, its like knowing your human. and there is no age you have to be.

I know how you feel. I am....well its hard to explain. I dont belong here or in this body. But here I am. against my will just like every other time that this has happened. I actually joined this site to talk to you. because its like finally someone knows how i feel. message me (because i dont know how yet lol) so that we can talk more

I am from the Islands an was raised by my grandmother who believed in animal spirits our family spirit she would say is the dog so i understand you she would even bury them or keep the bones .<br />
but like all tribal people our whole family was raised this way just some of us believe in the old ways an some do not its all bout the spirit different tribes held different beast as there spirit ancesster .for us it applies as well except now days its just not tribal peoples as my self whom is of afro carribean blood an some indian. european blood lines carry this same feeling calling aswell.

I was always the fastest in the byrrgis(hunting group)so i did the killing blows in the pack but i miss being a wolf(sigh)......

I am a therianthropic werewolf a silver wolf named Silver Moon's spirit is inside me..

I think I might be one too but I am not sure I feel weird and akward around people except for the ones I have known forever. Do you think you can help me