Childhood Memories: How I Became A Werewolf

It all started when I went on a trip with my parents to France. We were staying at a caravan site, with a caravan that we rented for the week, everything was normal, I was about 8 at the time. My parents have no connection with Lycanthropy at all, in fact there "normal" or "a shell" as I call humans. It was a late night I was walking alone at night through the site, the moon was incredibly bright and at it's fullest. I was by the swimming pool paddling my feet against the water when I felt a urge, I stared into the moon and began to howl like a wolf, after that I began throwing things and messing up the tennis courts and flipping or throwing anything that was in sight. Again still howling at the moon charging around the sight I sort of, changed back to me again, acting like nothing happened. After that my howling began to get louder and became more muscular, and back then I was fat and slow, and weak I couldn't get the upper hand in anything. After that night I began to become more angry at humans of how stupid they can be (when I figured out that I was now a werewolf).

After a few years I began secondary school which didn't really help with my anger of the werewolf thing, being ginger and fairly fat I was a target for bullies. Yes I know everyone gets a bit of it sometimes but it just drove me off the edge, being the only one from my school to go to this school I was alone for quite a while. I began to become quite and didn't talk to anyone as they all were shells to me, then I group of year 10 students came up to me and began to insult me because of my hair color, controlling my anger I just pretended like they weren't there. But after a week it began to annoy me to the bone, it was lunch hour I was sat by myself enjoying my food when they came, yep you guessed it those annoying year 10's. One of them began to start shouting at me telling that I will never get any friends and I will always be a lonely *****. That started to get me angry, then they pick up my lunch and took it and starting putting it into the bin this got me more angry. I started to glare at them and growling feeling the animal inside me starting to awaken, they thought I was being a scared little puppy dog and one of them hit me in the back with the tray. So I got up and told them to leave me alone, but did they listen no, they began to do the whole oh what you going to do puppy your just all talk and no bite thing. Being part werewolf that is what made me feel like ripping their arms clean off, then one these idiots throws a punch at me at the final second I grabbed his hand and began to dig my nails into his hand. In a pit of rage I threw him across the room against the way and roared at him, he began to then see what I really was so he began to run outside. So I chased him, he was slow and I caught up to him and started clawing at his arms and started crushing his head, he was screaming in pain saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry I won't bother you again". I asked that if he didn't keep that promise this life would end, he shook his head quickly up and down. Noticing that the entire school saw that I went to my next class, after what just happened everyone avoided me but at least I wasn't been insulted.

Been two years now and I have gained lots of respect people now know what I am capable of and treat fairly now. Life as a werewolf isn't always bloody ya know.
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You didnt get suspended or even expelled for this?

therians aren't werewolves

I know this won't mean anything coming from me since im human but they deserved it and wen u think about no creature is more cruel than a human because humans always hav the urge to pick on their own kind one of the reasons I hate being human

Wow remind me to never get you angry

this kind of stories do you not read every day but I have respect for you, I really want to change physicly, but I change only mentally. I am a wolf-therian,you know

really funny thing is after my transformation i have a constant crave for meat bloody meat

I have never eat meat, but it looks yummy to me, and I love blood

me too I love the sight of blood makes me very hunger

I have that! Alot

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