Empathy With the Wolf

It's funny that, in every movie with werewolves, the werewolf is always the bad guy, the murderous Beast, the killer, the curse put upon mortal men (and women). Recently I saw the movie UNDERWORLD again (I have it on DVD), and I came to realize that I got to the end really grieving for the lost love between Lucian and Sonja, and hating the creature that everyone longs to be since the first film they'd showed up in: Vampires. It's the first movie in which we're given the other side of the story and the plot makes perfect sense by putting the pieces together at long last. It's so sad that Lucian had to die in the end, it's sad that their love was broken. If you're in the right emotional state, it could, I think, make you cry.



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That should live!


With all the Twilight craze and everything I am not surprized to see people loving the Vampire as they are portrade as the "hero" or some such nonsense. Personally I am TEAM JACOB all the way and don't understand what Bella is thinking choosing Edward over Jacob!!! LOL! Anyway, if you think about it Wolves in general are still prosecuted to this day. They are one of the most misunderstood creatures on the Earth. If more people could see Wolves for what they truly are then maybe we could learn from their ways and take some of their pack habits into our homes and lives. It's like with the Native Americans. They really knew what they were doing with the Earth and the animals and plants on it. They never killed without paying omage to the animal and they never wasted the animal and always gave back to the Earth what they took away from it. I have always had a strong connection with the Native American ways as well as the Wolf. Underworld was a good movie. It is sad that the love the two characters had for one another couldn't be shared. That seems to be man kinds way in all relationships that are "different".

I am the wolf who soundly believes in seeing every side of the story. I empathize with wolves and vampires alike, as both have our vices. <br />
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I am writing a novel from the point of view of a wolf, where vampires, wolves, and humans are all negative in nature, and a small group of them overcome the hatred amid their families and form a peace colony. The vampires and the wolves are equal in it since I've learned to bear grudge against no species as an entirety.

I definately agree-I will admit now though, that I love the book 'Dracula', and the film 'Nosferatu', as the book is brilliantly written IMHO, and both have something in common-the vampire is a monster, not something to want to be.<br />
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I am currently writing a book-about a werewolf or two, what else :p-where most people who have read it so far love the werewolf, and have sided with hiim. <br />
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One day maybe werewolves will be seen in the light they should be :)

too true

too true

Some movies have extremely personal storylines and character development to the point it is as if they came into your living with a camera and watched and listened to every word you said! <br />
Back to my other wolf question is Underworld the movie with Kate Beckinsale? I think I saw the first one. I don't recall that the werewolf died and I am not sure I remember all of the story. The vampire came in and killed her father and made her into a vampire as well and the likens were their enemies? Is that the movie?

I agree, whenever it comes to any sort of creature that resembles or even just has the name "wolf" attached to it, I form a mental bond with it. Some might call this obsession, I call it association.<br />
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On the other hand, one might argue that these "emotions" that develop between the viewer and the film are simply created out of a good storyline and character attachment. Explore your own mind and develop a sound opinion, you'll discover the truth then. ;)