Am I A Werewolf?

I have a question, am I a werewolf. I'd love to bee outside, I am pretty long and strong. I have more hair then usual, and it grows really fast, I have long legs and can run fast. I howl to the moon and I growl when I am angry. I'll bite you if you attack me. and I have a short temper. I am always hungry, don't matter how much I eat, I'm still hungry. I love blood,and i think I will love meat, but I have never eat it (I don't get any meat from my parents, because when I was little I hated meat and my parents think I still hate it) I am awake at night, and I sleep a little bit after school. are those things symphtones that I am a werewolf, I really want to know. thnx
littlewolf1 littlewolf1
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

i think so but me and my cousins are werewolves and we felt the same as you!

really, cool? But I found out I'm a wolf-therian, I don't know if that's the same thing.