Help With Transoming

Hey I'm anaya and I did a werewolf spell and the first Cople days my ribs started hurting and my shoulders started hurting my body was in pain I began to hear more and run faster my finger nails are growing a lot more I don't know if I'm changing or its natural
if u know could u give me a werewolf spell that worked on you and tell me how to tranceform I don't know how so plz help/give me a spell anduu show me what to do
cookiemonster143 cookiemonster143
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

i really hate to tell you this kid but you have to be bitten by a werewolf or scratched by one for the venom in their bodies to reach your bloodstream and work its magic transforming is not painful because the only real changes are more defined canines nails become longer you become stronger and faster all senses are heightened you heal faster than any any human could dream of but you do lose control on the full moon unless you train yourself not to change which takes years of grueling training to master i was turned when i was 18 years old im 23 and i still have to lock myself away on a full moon its power is to great to fight however you do not turn into a hulking furry beast you are humanoid the idea that you would turn into a wolf is physically impossible it would mean a massive gain and loss of muscle, bone structure, not to mention the compression of your vital organs and all of your bones would have to break and reshape themselves and a huge amount of hair growth and loss what you are experiencing i would chalk it up to going through puberty the pain you feel is your body growing the running faster just comes with the growing and so does fast nail growing