Need Help With Werewolf Chaanges

I'm a werewolf and I need help tranceforming I don't know what to do or anything I'm a lil scared I don't know If I can controlled it so somebody can u give me info like will I be able to controll it the first time dose it hurt thank you for your time reading this
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

i have the same problem though i don't think i am a therianthropic werewolf

i hate to break it to you but ive never seen anyone physically shift so i dont believe you turn into a giant hulking furry beast look at science and anatomy to turn into such a beast would require a massive gain and manipulation of muscle all vital organs would have to shift around also your bones would break and reshape and when you transferred back to human form you would have a massive loss in muscle and everything would have to work opposite however you more than likely are a therianthropic werewolf which is a werewolf soul trapped in a human body and it works a liitle like narutos demon fox whenever you are under bouts of extreme rage or fear and feel the need to defend yourself your wolf begins to try and break free and your body takes on the traits of the werewolf within im talking senses heightened to a point of near super human sights sounds smells feelings all super heightened however i know of a way you can release that werewolf spirit and and allow it not to control you but give you all of its attributes so you can run free message me if you wish to learn