I Like the Aspect of Transformation

I like the thrill of the change from human to therian, myself....

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A therian is a state of being. You cannot therefore shift from human to therian. You can however shift from human to your therianthropic animal.

I must\'ve used the wrong way of saying then. I was meaning on 2-legs form. But regardless, shifting / transforming always been mighty arousing to me. I have a few werewolf friends who share with me.


Also BllodLust60 how do you p-shift!? I have wanted to all my life

sssickaaa how do you do that exactly?

If you leave your body and "possess" an actual wolf, you may have some control over the animals actions, and or you might just be seeing its point of view and have access to its thoughts and memories, kinda like your that random voice in the back of their head, having access to other points of view isn't uncommon, its like an enhanced form of empathy, All Canines have an enhanced empathetic link from what I understand, they are pack animals I hear.

I would p-shift ever full moon u might call me a liar but it's true I know when I am changing then it kinda hose blank but I do bits and pieces of it in my dream.

I think I understand where Rogue is coming from. No one would so blantanty admit to shapeshifting. Let alone "shifting from human to therian" is ridiculous. A Therianthropic werewolf is one who cannot physically shift, just mentally. No one has been proven to P-Shift and since most "fall unconscious" and have no recollection if they ever P-Shifted there will never be solid proof of it. Let alone would anyone so blatantly make a post about it, a whole TOPIC mind you, about it, unless they are fake. Or some retarded pup wanting attention. Meh. I give out what I feel is ok to say. The rest remains in secrecy.

AAAARRROOOOOHHH!!!I love a good fight!!

still confused, but at least I'm laughing.


Keep wondering Darling.

i do wonder myself what upsets you so much on this topic i find it .....interesting

Ah well. Grr, arrgh. What is it sacriligeous or something? You know theres groups of people called 'furries' that are just as weird as me and my interests. <br />
<br />
Just trying to figure why all the fuss, gus.

I didn't target just you RS. That is also NOT the reason why this whole story topic angers me.

And besides - I am not saying I *POSSESS this skill - I am saying, in movies, books and heresay I like the idea/visualization of the act, sensualism, all that. <br />
<br />
And for some reason RAF is salty about me liking it.

I was talking to the one who started this topic.

What is your problem Rogue? I wasn't trying to be funny! If there is a way to shift forms I would like very much to acquire this skill!

Your the sickest one of this whole conversation! <br />
Attention Seeker. It's not funny! DAMN IT!

How did you acquire this transformation skill?