Hmm where to start....okay 1.I am not a wolf 2.I am confused about this and just want to learn more.
All my life I've been weak never able to do practically anything athletic! Everyone hates me. Quite literally, no one talks to me but when they do its only bulling. Anyways, if anyone is still reading I decided to try and put myself down but for all the wrong reasons I thought I could be selfish and please myself by doing this. I attempted suicide. My plan failed but no one found out.(You see I'm an expert at hiding emotion and lying.) And so I continued my life hoping to start a new beginning. Because of my stupidity I was made fun of more. I am ready to yet again, commit suicide but only something's different because I'm religious. I wish to do no such thing as witch craft or that kind of crap I'm looking for a second chance at life. If you have anything at all to say, or suggestions to become a wolf please, say. My family travels everywhere around the U.S. so that's a possibility as well.
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Dec 30, 2012