Hello I'm Fairly New!

Now to begin, I know that many of you dislike being in your human body bonded within a body that can be affected in so many ways unlike your inner wolf can. The facts are that wolves don't have nearly as hard of a life as humans do, (but) the fact that they get hunted must get them really hyped up and that does not feel good from experience I understand how that feels.

It's sad being stuck in such a fragile body, what I mean by fragile is there are so many ways to get hurt and I bet there's over 1-Trillion ways, to you know die or get hurt, and yes a trillion is a number lol which compared to a wolf there's... Say let's just say theres 150 ways for them to die compared to a trillion haha dang being human is hell and I understand that thoroughly processed through my mind.

Now for a question:

Do you all know how to unleash the wolf within? And if not are you willing to work as a hard working team to figure out information such as this subject etc?

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does any one know what p-shifting actually looks like its just hard to believe that the body could turn into a huge quadrupedal wolf the physical changes happening inside the body would seem impossible to survive im not say p-shifting is impossible i just want to know the truth as i am only a therianthropic werewolf i dont think it would be possible for me to p-shift if it is someone please teach me i dont care how long or hard it is

Pm me if you are ready to start trying to get your wolf out

I would be happy to help