Can Anyone Tell Me What I Am?

Um, I'm new...I may be one...

Can anyone tell me what's happenin to me? It all started when I was 5-6 years old and I outran an adult male Rottweiler. Sometime around 4th grade John was trying to wake me up on the bus for no reason, I bit his arm hard enough to make him bleed and he still has that scar from 5 years ago. Then something happend when I was 13 in 7th grade, a boy I knew had took my pencil case from me, he wouldn't give it back and I kinda lost it. I grabbed him by his hood and drug him across the floor until he hit a table then my friend pulled me away. That boy said that my eyes had gone black so my friend came really close to my face and she couldn't see my pupil. They stayed liked that for the rest of the day even though my eyes are brown. It would seem possible if I wasn't a 93lb girl and he was 10lbs or more than me. My sense of smell is also good enough to tell the difference between the cheese wrapped in plastic and the kind thats shredded in a bag. I can't stand the plastic wrapped cheese and my mom had given up on sneaking it in my food. I've also growled at my friends cousin in my sleep when he was messing with her cause I was hugging her in my sleep. I swear that I told him to stop but I growled instead but I understood it. Other things have happened and I'm now 14 years old, is any of this normal?
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As far as I can tell I think your a werewolf... But I'm not exactly sure it can be hard to tell

I think your what I would call a spirit wolf. U have some wolf like features, but your subcontious is more a wolf than a human

Maybe werewolf behavior, or your just dang crazy.

So what your saying is your a lycanthropy and you have some sort of werewolf instinct
if you were a werewolf not a lycan you would die because you are to young to p-shift and your story is kinda hard to believe because you enter 7th grade when your twelve
not thirteen unless you failed not to be a jack*** but are you telling the truth

Yes it's true, I entered when I was 12 but my birthday is in March so I turned 13