I Am Not Sure What I Am

there are two beds in my room and was sleeping on the one that was closest to the t.v. i was floating above my body and were the second bed usually is there were two werewolves standing there and they shared a close resemlence to my ex-girlfriend whom i was madly in love with and my brother and my brother said to my ex girlfriend that it was time and pulled a bag of stones out of some bag attached to his waist and there stones of all kinds of color and he pulled out a black triangle shaped stoned and started moving over my body and as he did this i lost all control over my body and couldnt move at all. my brother gave an evil grin showing his sharp teeth and my ex girlfriend said good its working he is almost ours. and after she said this i suddenly jerked up and broke through whatever was holding me and in my mind i saw the stone shattering into a thousand peices after this happened my brother said lets go and something stopped them from leaving and they turned aroud and came back into my room and tried to hold me again but the stone wouldnt work and my brother told my ex-girlfriend that i had broke through the stone and was two powerful and then i woke up

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

something like that happened to me it was my 95th life and it was my mate's sister warning me the next day a bear killed me!I SHALL AVENGE MY DEATH!!!sorry about that...