Girl In White

a couple of months ago i was having this dream that was almost like a vision and there was a mountain 600 yards on the left of me and a large dead tree and it was in the country side and i was on this dirt road with a friend thats also a therianthropic werewolf and my brother and there was a little girl dressed fully in white licking a sucker and i started growling at her and started running towards her and changed and she screamed but i did not care it gave me this twisted pleasure knowing that she was afraid and her blood tasted so vitilizing and sweet. i felt more alive then i ever have , but this was the first dream that i have had of this and i knew how to kill this little girl the fastest, cleanest, and easiest way to do it.

boodahdude92 boodahdude92
13-15, M
Mar 14, 2009