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When I was about 6 or 7 years old I began to notice I was different from most. I wasn't very social in school, I kept to my self most of the time, and I only had a few selection of friends, and when I say selection I mean I choose my friends wisely. I didn't and have never liked large crowds. I don't care for people who like to put on a show for others. Popularity has never been my thing. I am who I am, and I'm different. Before I start let me first say, as far back as I can remember I've always been fascinated with wolfs. Whenever we'd go to a zoo I wanted to be near the wolves. I was drawn to them, and they were drawn to me. It started in my early years as I said. At first the changes, or should I say self awareness, was small. I wanted to eat more meat then vegetables, and I liked my red meat as raw as laws allowed. No big deal right, allot of people like their red meats raw. But then one day, I was 8, me and my friends were playing hide and go seek outside, I loved and still do love being outside. Anyway, out of no where this raw, and weird feeling came over me. Someone was hurt or in danger, so I came out of my hiding place. It was what I now call, my 6Th sense. Back to the story, I came out of hiding to search for whoever it was that was hurt or in danger, a strange pull lead me to a tall oak tree, and at the bottom of the tree was my best friend. He lay there not moving, completely unconscious. I did the first thing I could and yelled out for help. I couldn't leave his side. Another one of my friends heard me and came running. I sent them to get help. Long story short, he had fallen out of the tree, had a broken arm and a concussion. That was the first strange thing that happened  to me as a young child, and as a young child does my imagination ran wild, but it didn't really feel like my imagination. It felt real and natural. I started to take on traits of a actual wolf. I would run around on all fours sometimes, and howl and the whole nine yards. My family thought I was a normal child just letting my imagination run wild. I even started my own pack. I was Alpha because my friends always looked up to me, they looked to me for guidance, loyalty, and protection against the neighbor hood bullies. Then came the quick reflexes. I could catch things that were about to fall and break. I don't know how many glasses or vases of my mothers I've saved from complete annihilation. ;) I could also move faster then others my age and I was very flexable, normal stuff for some, but when I was 12 and still "pretending" as my mother said, to be a wolf, and still antisocial from most the world, words like shrinks, and doctors, and even mental facilities started flying around, and honestly that scared the living dog pooh out of me. I told myself I had to start acting normal, and so I did. I joined the cheer squad, started socializing more with people and started ignoring instincts. I dumbed down allot of my abilities. I started ignoring my 6Th senses and tried to become normal. That's when the rage and anger began. I was literally going mad. Again I became antisocial, but this time was for another reason. I became saverly depressed. I started acting out in fits of range against my mother. This continued until Sept 10 2001. I was 14 and it was 10 something at night when I had a bad feeling come over that I just couldn't ignore. I went to my mother and told her, she thought it was a panic attack, but I insisted something bad was going to happen. At 3:22 am Sept 11 2001, my uncle who was living with us, called for me. I went to his room with a really bad feeling. He told me he didn't feel good and then as he was talking he lit I smoke and couldn't get it to his mouth, right then I knew it was a stroke. My mother didn't think anything of it at first, but later after my uncle was in the hospital and stable she came to me and said you knew, I just looked at her I couldn't speak, I was to angry to tell her I told you so. We didn't speak much that day. The only word spoken between us was an agreement when we saw the first tower hit, Tarriest attack. Later that day i felt at ease and I told my mom everything was going to be okay. Forty two days later my uncle came home. She began to believe I had a sixth sense about certain things. I predicted my grandfathers death, and many other things since then. Now I'm 22 and new changes have begun to happen. Last year I noticed that a few of my other senses have become enhanced. When I really concentrate I can smell things others can't, I can hear things others can't, I can see in almost total darkness, which I've freaked a few of my friends out with. I'm not sure what's going on, but I feel a big change coming!

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One thing i have realised, is that religion faith, belief, does not have to be tangible. Human beings create gods to explain their environment, their fears and hopes.<br />
This does not mean this is not real, but more that you should put more credence in what you feel rather than what others tell you to believe.<br />
<br />
Don't worry about forcing understanding of what you have experienced, don't make it conform to images of beliefs, just let it be some magic in your life. It should not make you crazy, because its coming from within, just be comfortable in that you believe you have something special, wether you ever understand it at all

Im 14 and ive never had the sixth sence but it sounds like me but my parents blamed my a.d.d. (which went away year ago) I get into a lot of fights now over pretty dumb and its like i cant control my emotions ever.

The sixth sense I think is just something special for you. Everything else sounds pretty similar to me. except im a little younger than you and have already transformed and all. I'm the Alpha now of my little pack. I was in a pack before with my bf bein the alpha. He cheated on me, broke my heart, and now I've started a new pack with me as the alpha

I know what you mean with the senses and what not. Their so much better than a normal humans. I'm also alpha of my little pack, though its sort of strange two wolves and a tiger.

I feel almost like I'm losing my mind at times!

Not sure if you are still active on this site but i'll take a chance and post anyway... ;-)

Most of the things you've decribed are very much what we therians feel about ourselves and our enviroment. Being a 44 year old therianthropic timberwolf, i can understand most of the things you went through, unlike most of the others that post on this site i'll not say i'm the "alpha of my pack" or that i have a pack per say, therians in general tend to be secretive du to the obvious ridicule or accusations of mental dissorders we have to suffer from the hairless monkeys (humans). Here's my advice tho, when you do feel like you're losing your mind remember this... look at it from a therian's point of view and not a human one, you're not a human with the soul of a wolf, you're a wolf with the body of a human... there in lies the difference. And if you need to know anything about our kind or if you just need to talk (or in this case write... hehe...) feel free to contact me, i'll do my best to help you out.

Wolfie (the nick name my friends gave me)

Howls to you.

Nice tale. (tale. get it?)<br />
<br />
I found your experiences are very similar to my own. I too have grown up with better hearing/scenting/sight than most. I was aslo very good with animals, especially dogs. I know how it feels to have your sanity questioned by others (which is why I limit my friends to one or two) and I can tell you this; they're wrong. What we have experienced is real, not folklore or imagination. We are lycanthropes, and our minds are enveloped by ancient lusts and insticts and...dare i say it...abilities.<br />
I was not as patient as you were to wait for this change, the complete metamorphosis, so I hurried it along with drastic measures such as extreme meditation, leaving my family young, and tons of research (among other things). <br />
Anyways, I know what you are feeling, for I am in the same boat. We are part of someting better than plain humanity. Thank you for sharing.<br />
ps. Wanna b friends?

Do not lose sight of inner voices,but also hear those from outside of your experiance<br />
<br />
It is not a bad thing to idolise the nature of Wolves<br />
If man had evolved from from a carnivore like the wolf, rather than the omnivore, we may have a different ideals within our nature<br />
Wolves do not fight amongst the pack - they have dominance/submission rituals to ensure the strength of the group, but they do not weaken it by needless conflict<br />
Ancient cultures have seen personal totems as a guide to the human experiance. Perhaps this is yours?