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I Think I Am A Werewolf

It all started when i was in school,(I was 8 years old) we went on a fieldtrip with the class to a lake.Me and my friends started to throw pine cones on eachother, then my friend threw one right in my face. then i felt a rage and as i threw one back i felt a incredible strength in my whole body, it was like my arm was burning when i threw it back at him. I have had that experience many times and one time i thought i was going to kill a guy, but i managed to walk away.Anyways, one day i came across the werewolf legend of "The Seventh Son", and i asked my mom and she has three sisters, and my grandmom had a sister and a brother, and he was the oldest one. so im the seventh son . i have always loved wolves for as long as i can remember, and ones a old lady tolded me that i have a spirit of a wolf. Now i am 17 years old and i have discovered that i have verry good sences, for example. my friend had rats in his house, so they put up a thing that atracts the rats with a sound (a verry low sound that only the rats would hear), and my friend (that has no trouble of hearing) couldnt hear it but i could, and i was in the other room! And when i am out in the woods i like to track animals. And i know that everyone can adapt to the dark but that normaly takes up to 45 min, i can adapt to the dark in just 7 min! And lately i have started to have dreams about werewolves but they are nice and social with me, its like they are my family. If anyone have any answers please tell me. Ps. sorry if i spelled something wrong, im from Sweden.

devilconquer devilconquer 18-21, M 79 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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So, this is actually my 1st time reaching out on this topic, so please, serious assistance & comments only...
I am reaching out here looking for some reasonable assistance with my current problem.

In all seriousness, I am a 27yr old Blood-Lycan (genetic, not bitten) who has been completely unable to make the change at all since i first began to realize what i am really am.
I have always had extremely acute senses, but since 12 yrs old, they became stronger, less easier to control, especially during points of the Lunar Cycles (something i didn't realize til much later). When angry i was told my eyes wouldn't really change color but gain a certain glimmer & the pupils would enlarge, for many years as a young teen & young adult i was frightened of losing my temper, as when i lost my temper, things became very much out of hand, and so ive turned to meditation & tai chi to maintain control of emotions & my rapidly increasing pulse.

For those of you questioning, I am a 1/2 Blood Cherokee & Mohawk; the great grandchild of a Cherokee Medicine Woman & a Mohawk Warrior Chief, my family has always been in tune with its 'natural spirituality' and holds firmly to many of our traditional beliefs. I am also dyslexic, which accounts for part of my senses.

The point of this post, is to ask in all seriousness why i cannot change?? Not by Choice, nor by Moonlight....
During the 3 days of the Full Moon, or during a super-moon cycle, in daylight or night, my senses grow more acute; intense hearing, an unfortunate decrease in smell, able to 'feel' things like tiny tremors when something falls across a room, increased vision, especially night vision. Along with constantly being thirsty, having an increased pulse & a constantly growing stronger desire to run in the moonlight....
Yet in all that, i am unable to change... I am fully aware now of what is in my Blood, especially given the stories told to me about my great grandparent's & my great grandmother's abilities, yet, i cannot change...
Dogs always obey me, i have a knack for dog training and I am an excellent tracker in the woods, and I live for the Hunt during Deer season....

Anyway, the problem, is that during the 3 days of this cycle, I feel soo much stronger & such, yet I cannot change, not at all and i get these horrid headaches every time i feel the start of a Change Coming on, but them grow weak, exhausted & the change never happens... On the last day of the Cycle, my body feels completely drained of all energy and i feel dazed, like coming out of a deep sleep.

I handle this post-weakness by eating alot of rare red meat and taking Iron pills & sleeping during the day. Yet i feel that i would feel soo much better if i could simply begin, if even complete the change, just once.

In all Seriousness, If there is anyone out there who has dealt with this, & knows how to deal with it, please contact me with assistance. For obvious reasons, i have created an anonymous email address (inbox me for contact info) not attached to any of my other accounts so as to dissuade stupidity & anything else....

Thank You, Any reasonable help would be appreciated.

I know this sounds weird but im an akward, shy, and emo 13year old boy im 5'7 and i weighed about 150 pounds before everything happend about in my story im telling the full and exact truth, but, it all started about 2 months ago i live in the deep woods and a while back i had a fever that reached over 105 but i went to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong with me. the next thing i realized was when i started catiching myself imagining and wanting to bite my classmates then i actually started to but before long i started biting harder on there arms and sinking my teeth in them and sucking out the blood. next i noticed my strength i used to have no muscle couldnt do a single pull-up i dont work out but i imediatly started doing 3 then the next day 5 and so on till i got to 11 even my gym teachers were amazed by me after that i started to be able to run faster and longer (i have or i should say had asthma btw). and after my running i started craving meat (i was also more on the vegetarian side) salads, vegetables, and anything other than meat in that matter nothing could fill my cravings. next i when had to go to the orthodontist my jaw distance (up to down) was 55ml the scale only goes up to 60ml then they ran jaw strenght where i had to bite on a clay block and i bit through it no problem when they finally looked at my teeth they were surprised and said i had fangs. my last reason is that i can now stay up till 2 a.m without trying and wake up at anytime so i dont need as much sleep. I now almost have abbs, girls are always calling me hot, and i have lost about 20 pounds where i used to be chubby, over weight ,and unattractive. Are these all just coincidences or is something happening to me. Im actually starting to believe im changing but i dont know what itll be. Help

If you want help, you might as well start being serious. I'm interested to see that people refer to Lycanthropy as a "disease". I've seen many documentaries and movies involving werewolves, though I'd say the documentaries are more invalid with their information on them. Werewolves are actually officially stated as "Endangered Species" and I do happen to know a lot about them, including "personal" experiences. If you are really asking for help, I'm happy to, but you're gonna want to pay attention, cause the way people joke about their experiences really is frustrating. I can tell you more but don't freak out, okay...message me.

hahahahahaha!!!!!!! u all think ur all werewolve hahaha!!!! hey if ur joking u got me but listen non of u are werewolves eventhough i like werewolve i believe them but i know non of u are and hey u became anger because i think u have a shor temper and u can see smeel nice i think it because ur senses are more improved and if anyone was a werewolve u wouldent tell anyone by the way tell me if u were a wrewolve wht wolud u do

hi i am only ten.... but i know that i am different i am stronger and faster and love wolves and canines more than anyone i know i know that i have lyken blood in me so please someone help me get through this

When I was 8 I thought I was a werewolf. Now I'm 13 and sometimes still get the feeling, so basically either you are one or you just really fancy wolves.

My arms when I flex I get a lot of muscle which doesn't make sence because I was realy skinny and a lot of hair comes out to I've been sleeping like a dog and my vision is better I used glasses then I woke up and I didn't need them I used to hang out with my friends a lot now I hang out with my dogs more on full moons I get hairier and realy hyper I've been awake when I've turned before and it was scary

I know how you feel and I think I am a werewolf too. There is just one thing I must tell you Mate. I have trans formed before. Except for with me it occured randomly at just about at any time. Some nights I would have to run from home if I noticed my eyes change color.

hey ... you male or female ???? once i shift ... i think .. i think i was dream but u dint know ... o have many symptoms ... we can help each other ...

Holy ****. You guys are so cool. When I was around 8 I legit thought I was a werewolf. Sometimes I still do, even get the feeling that someone is looking for me in a special way.

hiii ... i'm from georgia and a want to know am i werewolf or not.. my eyes changed color ,they are sometimes brown sometimes green sometimes yelow and sometimes all together,,,, i have very good smell and also i can see very good ,,, my friends says that sometimes i'm like dog ( i don't know when ) .... i hade dream once or twice , that a am a werewolf and am runing around .... and i am always hungry last time .... and i get angry at evrything ... so help and answer am i werewolf or not.. and if i'm not how i can become it..

If your a real wolf you should have one solid color of eyes

not true. My parents are werewolfs but when i was young i had a disease so i cant shift until im 16.. i am curently 15. i cant talk to my wolf inside and all tat type of stuff. i have a great sense of smell and sight. i can do everything but shift.

when my wolf wants to get out; so when im angry or have a deep emotion. My eyes go black. Just like everyother werewolf. So i dont know about your green and yellow situation but i know that eyes can change colour. you could be a werewolf but generally if you havnt shifted as a kid then you probly just have a werwolf gene from your history but you arnt a werwolf yourslef. Reading your description this is probly likely.

whoops i ment i can not cant... i can talk to my wolf inside.. her name is amie...

Hey, I am from Sweden to and I am a werewolf. :)

I'm from New Zealand and I'm not sure if any of this werewolf stuff is true but ill tell you my experience. I'm 17 years old and lately my teeth are starting to get insanely sharp, cutting at my cheeks and lips. I get aggravated very easily, I've never been like that I'm usually always calm. Lately my girlfriend has noticed that my eye colour changes from light green to grey. I took notice to this and watched my eyes in the mirror. Green all the time until one night, it was a full moon. My hunger has increased tenfold and I've recently discovered I can control when my body releases Adrenaline at will. My mucles have been growing rapidly with out any weightlifting or anything of that kind, and lately I've had the instinct to kill, but only for a few moments. I've held back but sometimes I just don't want to. I've grown increasingly fast and agile, and pain isn't a factor for me anymore. I try not to get violent when I'm angry because I've never really liked fighting so I don't know if my strength increases with rage or not. Are there tests you put yourself through to see if the rapid improvements are human? Or something else?

Get a blood test, search for any signs of wolf in you. If you are holy **** don't kill people. Okay well best wishes xx

You're not a werewolf .. nore do you have a werewolf spirit .. also to explain hyper hearing, smelling .. etc can be small forms of anxiety believe it or not .. also you could be born with a fighting spirit ... (Google it) .. its passed down through genes normally through the father .. down to his son .. in which you become stronger through rage ..

hey i like u ur the only one that thinks none of them are werewolve thumbs up man

i dont say that i am a werewolf but listen. me also i can hear everything people talking very far from me i can smell eveything like a dog . i have a great strengh but me i can see thing that people cant see and i see clearly in the dark

wolves are in sweden too!

how dare you. If you are, as it appears, haters of this kind of thing then I implore you to tell me: why are you even here? Go waste your time on something you obviously care about, as this is obviously not important to you. Please have respect to other people, or maybe do you not have the common decency to do so? Maybe you don't understand that this is obviously an important subject to everyone here. Or maybe you are just a heartless human being with no thought of the feelings of others. BOTTOM LINE! **** off.

You're all ******* jackasses.

If u think their CRAZY then thats ur opinion,they are DIFFERENT, they are SPECIAL in there own way. Unless you've actually met them and seen them go wolf stop chattin ****!!!!


I'm 12 right now, and I think I might be showing signs too. During the day I am often tired. Lately I have found myself, at home, lying on the floor, copying the position of my dog. Just today I even fell asleep like this. Normally I am talkative and jolly, but for some reason I have been very annoyed with people about nothing. I don't talk anymore, and I rarely make contact with others in the day. I also have no appetite in the day, only at night. Yesterday I took two mouthfuls of soup at lunch and I couldn't eat anymore. At 10:45 that night I ate two chicken fillets and some rice in about five minutes! I've noticed I'm highly alert, awake and active at night, indeed I have been awake at half one in the morning and been energetic yet in the day I am snappy and tired. I'm not a fast runner I'm afraid, but walking on all fours is a doddle. I'm not at all a girly girl, I play in the fields and woods when the weathers nice, and if its not I build a 'den' indoors. This has only started now, but I've had past experiences briefly before. At sports day my team needed me to run in the race, and I'm not fast but all of a sudden I was sprinting REALLY fast. Once a friend was over and I was sleepy so I laid on my bed while he talked. I dozed off for a minute or so before my friend said "lily, why are you growling?" But I had no idea I was making any noise at all. A year or two back, a boy at my new school called me a loathsome fat pig, and I kind of freaked at grabbed hold of him and hit him as hard as I could on his face. (No teachers around, luckily). At the same school I was running around FAST with a friend. I was loving it and I felt free and careless when all of a sudden Jamie (my friend) screamed. I asked why and he said my eyes turned to slits and were a bit yellow-ish. I rubbed my eyes and blinked and this cleared it but I felt heavy and sad. I wonder, am I wolf?

Your just like me! Pm me and I can teach u about yourself. I'm 12 also

Oh my ******* god. Well might as well reveal this, I'm 13 and have the same feelings as you. Do you ever get the feeling someones looking for you? Like not in a bad way, just like I have no idea.

Oh my ******* god. Well might as well reveal this, I'm 13 and have the same feelings as you. Do you ever get the feeling someones looking for you? Like not in a bad way, just like I have no idea.

When i was 9 years old (i'm 13 now) I always feel more animal. also run on all fours. And one time a boy 4 years older than me. Said something stupid about my friend. and i totally freaked out en jumped on the boy he was screaming 'sorry sorry' and he said my eyes where kind of glowing red. and i bit him. then a teacher stopped the fight. and the boy cried. my teacher has talked with my parents. Now i always feel different when i am with other people. And in the evening i go outside and listen to te sounds i hear. When it is a full moon i always are very hyper and i also become fast angry. i think i am a kind of wolf.
But the people here said there eyes where blue or hazel but mines becomes red. :s what is wrong?

me also my eyes become red and i am hyper during full moon

Almost the same thing happens to me but my eyes turn very dark brown and black

Hey I've always heard from web sights that red means big bad wolf and blue and yellow mean like beta but my eyes turn black

Here's my thing why do some of you ask for proof I mean think about it. If your a werewolf and there is a video of you shifting don't you think sick ,terrible, mean people would try to take them away and test on them. Think about? Would show you show proof? Well I wouldn't. Oh and by the way I feel a connection with wolves. There are also different types of werewolves, spirit shifters, half shifters, full shifters, and some people may have been a wolf in there past life. I also believe in all supernatural beings.

isaacphillips i'll show you were real i'll be happy to but you'll have to wait because i'm going be looking for lethalenemy99 just to talk to you i swore to god i would protect humans not hurt the but how dare you mock us it really hurts me sike!

embrace it! i am the same way. exactely the same!

I am writing a books and need some input if this is even real cause,I want my book to be as real as possiable.Not like other books,like twilight saga,and vampire diaries.

Yes it's real. Please don't doubt us.

I completely understand! This has been on my mind for a long time. I agree with one of the ppl that said its an agressive nature that lies inside you. The last full moon scared me. I started sweating and had a drive to be outside under the glowing moon. I just wanted to run as fast as i could and had a remarkable strength and energy. I felt as if i could sense everything around me 10x. The norm. Some of you are full of **** tho and need to quit being something your not. But i feel ya who share the same curse. Or is it a curse?

I will be back to tell you the truth someday soon...

Greetings brothers and sisters I see you have discovered the truth...

I can see were you all are comming from, I have always had a fasanation with wolves and all that, but even since I had hit puberty ( I'm 13 now ) I had always had a little part of me that was always wild. I may just be insane and I mean that, but I now think about fighting and killing people and all that , i'm natually a verry agressive person . I enjoy being outside and running through heavily tree'd places . I am protective of my family and of few friends that I call my family . When a full moon is on the rise of the same night, I tend to be a bit crazy and on edge all day ,. I feel the need to listen for animals in the forest and I catch things moving at a incredible speed. I have been obsessed with the thought of terring someone apart between my bare teeth. And like to study people down to the smallest detail , I tend to be a domanent energy. I love to sleep in a group of people and wake up and be with that group all day. And when I get protective over someone I feel the need to claim them as mine and protect them from anything that could potentionaly harm them. I have a possion for animals and I get along with them quite whell most of the time , I tend to find that horses and rodents can be a tad timid of me at the beggining. My dog and I have had a great relationship from day one ( He babysat my drunk butt a few nights back) I am not a huge fan of cats, not that that matters much. I have dreamt about wolves and such before but I have never had one about me being one and if I have I don't remember. Sorry for my awefull spelling i'm not the brightest bulb in the closet as you can see. I don't mind people being honest and telling me that i'm out of my mind , I sorta need that comfort because i'm kinda afraid or what I might become and if I need help and all that. So yeah , thanks for all yout help

I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm not alone! I'm a 13 year old girl, but already I have experienced a lot of what you all mentioned. But I am scared, just the other day at camp I got in a five vs. one fight (me being one) and even with the strongest guy at my camp against me, I still won! All I remember is fuzzy and after words they told me i turned totally feral and was growling and snarling and i scratched and bit all of them (I saw the wounds after and I'm so glad I didn't completely change!!) all and was on all fours for like 15 min after...<br />
I have always had really good senses and I can see better in the dark then the light. Just last year I found out "normal" people see better in the day and totally freaked.<br />
When my friend asked me if I was a werewolf I suddenly began to question myself, and I stumbled across this website.<br />
We are not alone

And I feel like my family isn't my real family they don't get me but I feel like they should have been wolves

mad at my friend and I pushed her on a mattress and she almost cried said she hit the floor my eyes are blue and they always stay like that I almost killed a girl that said that she had a crush on the boy I love I'm 11 I'm very tall for my age I'm really hairy and strong sometimes I find out that im doing something normal and the next thing I know I'm chewing on it sometimes I have dreams of a black wolf with blue eyes am I a werewolf?

I have lots of anger and strength I practically live in the woods I was mad at my friend and I pushed her on a mattress and she almost cried said she hit the floor my eyes are blue and they always stay like that I almost killed a girl that said that she had a crush on the boy I love I'm 11 I'm very tall for my age I'm really hairy and strong sometimes I find out that im doing something normal and the next thing I know I'm chewing on it sometimes I have dreams of a black wolf with blue eyes am I a werewolf?

I do believe in things like this and i think i might be a werewolf too,but i think im just going night i was playing with my friends and i backed up into an alley and bumped into a white bit me only enough to make me bleed slighty.i ran away but went back with a piece of wood a few seconds later and it was gone.ever since that night i was scared it might have had raibies or something but ive been feeling the urge to bark and growl at people i dont like and howl wenever its dark and whine when i get hurt.on very rare occasions my mom would let me stay out later than dark and once i was at my friends house.we went to his grandmothers to get bread (there were 3 of us)and while we were out they told me "dude you look dizzy" and what i've noticed was that night was a full moon night.when i went back home i dont seem to remember what hapend after i got halfway home.i walk without my heels touching the ground and i always perch my hands between my legs when i sit or crouch.