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I Think I Am A Werewolf

It all started when i was in school,(I was 8 years old) we went on a fieldtrip with the class to a lake.Me and my friends started to throw pine cones on eachother, then my friend threw one right in my face. then i felt a rage and as i threw one back i felt a incredible strength in my whole body, it was like my arm was burning when i threw it back at him. I have had that experience many times and one time i thought i was going to kill a guy, but i managed to walk away.Anyways, one day i came across the werewolf legend of "The Seventh Son", and i asked my mom and she has three sisters, and my grandmom had a sister and a brother, and he was the oldest one. so im the seventh son . i have always loved wolves for as long as i can remember, and ones a old lady tolded me that i have a spirit of a wolf. Now i am 17 years old and i have discovered that i have verry good sences, for example. my friend had rats in his house, so they put up a thing that atracts the rats with a sound (a verry low sound that only the rats would hear), and my friend (that has no trouble of hearing) couldnt hear it but i could, and i was in the other room! And when i am out in the woods i like to track animals. And i know that everyone can adapt to the dark but that normaly takes up to 45 min, i can adapt to the dark in just 7 min! And lately i have started to have dreams about werewolves but they are nice and social with me, its like they are my family. If anyone have any answers please tell me. Ps. sorry if i spelled something wrong, im from Sweden.

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same thing is happening to me but i was bitten by a wolf and im 12

It's really funny reading this...but at the same time, it's also pretty sad. Sorry to break it to you kids, but werewolves aren't real. They started out as stories of wolves that would come to graveyards to dig up buried bodies and eat them. People have changed the legend so much that it's become so distorted and now people actually think they're wolf-human hybrids or some BS like that. You're all either delusional, attention-seeking, or insane. Please stop with this nonsense.

mayby you are one but just one thing
something similar hapened to me but with my senses like a friend of mine wanted to trow me a soccer ball in the head and just like that i avoided the ball
ps : he was behind me and i didnt saw the ball just then he send the ball i saw the ball i was like wtf??

and the dream thing happened to me to it ways more like a nightmare than a dream i was in the couche and sudenly the full moon appeared and a werewolf appeard he talked to me and said in a future full moon you will join us and since then i was like a werewolf maniac i was curious and that was wen i was 10 years old imagine what i thing by now am i a werewolf or i have a werewolf blooline so i hopeit helped you if you are one you maiby aren't alone

Really it's like the same thing with me only my sister was playing with a dog wistle outside and I could hear it inside

So, this is actually my 1st time reaching out on this topic, so please, serious assistance & comments only...
I am reaching out here looking for some reasonable assistance with my current problem.

In all seriousness, I am a 27yr old Blood-Lycan (genetic, not bitten) who has been completely unable to make the change at all since i first began to realize what i am really am.
I have always had extremely acute senses, but since 12 yrs old, they became stronger, less easier to control, especially during points of the Lunar Cycles (something i didn't realize til much later). When angry i was told my eyes wouldn't really change color but gain a certain glimmer & the pupils would enlarge, for many years as a young teen & young adult i was frightened of losing my temper, as when i lost my temper, things became very much out of hand, and so ive turned to meditation & tai chi to maintain control of emotions & my rapidly increasing pulse.

For those of you questioning, I am a 1/2 Blood Cherokee & Mohawk; the great grandchild of a Cherokee Medicine Woman & a Mohawk Warrior Chief, my family has always been in tune with its 'natural spirituality' and holds firmly to many of our traditional beliefs. I am also dyslexic, which accounts for part of my senses.

The point of this post, is to ask in all seriousness why i cannot change?? Not by Choice, nor by Moonlight....
During the 3 days of the Full Moon, or during a super-moon cycle, in daylight or night, my senses grow more acute; intense hearing, an unfortunate decrease in smell, able to 'feel' things like tiny tremors when something falls across a room, increased vision, especially night vision. Along with constantly being thirsty, having an increased pulse & a constantly growing stronger desire to run in the moonlight....
Yet in all that, i am unable to change... I am fully aware now of what is in my Blood, especially given the stories told to me about my great grandparent's & my great grandmother's abilities, yet, i cannot change...
Dogs always obey me, i have a knack for dog training and I am an excellent tracker in the woods, and I live for the Hunt during Deer season....

Anyway, the problem, is that during the 3 days of this cycle, I feel soo much stronger & such, yet I cannot change, not at all and i get these horrid headaches every time i feel the start of a Change Coming on, but them grow weak, exhausted & the change never happens... On the last day of the Cycle, my body feels completely drained of all energy and i feel dazed, like coming out of a deep sleep.

I handle this post-weakness by eating alot of rare red meat and taking Iron pills & sleeping during the day. Yet i feel that i would feel soo much better if i could simply begin, if even complete the change, just once.

In all Seriousness, If there is anyone out there who has dealt with this, & knows how to deal with it, please contact me with assistance. For obvious reasons, i have created an anonymous email address (inbox me for contact info) not attached to any of my other accounts so as to dissuade stupidity & anything else....

Thank You, Any reasonable help would be appreciated.

I know this sounds weird but im an akward, shy, and emo 13year old boy im 5'7 and i weighed about 150 pounds before everything happend about in my story im telling the full and exact truth, but, it all started about 2 months ago i live in the deep woods and a while back i had a fever that reached over 105 but i went to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong with me. the next thing i realized was when i started catiching myself imagining and wanting to bite my classmates then i actually started to but before long i started biting harder on there arms and sinking my teeth in them and sucking out the blood. next i noticed my strength i used to have no muscle couldnt do a single pull-up i dont work out but i imediatly started doing 3 then the next day 5 and so on till i got to 11 even my gym teachers were amazed by me after that i started to be able to run faster and longer (i have or i should say had asthma btw). and after my running i started craving meat (i was also more on the vegetarian side) salads, vegetables, and anything other than meat in that matter nothing could fill my cravings. next i when had to go to the orthodontist my jaw distance (up to down) was 55ml the scale only goes up to 60ml then they ran jaw strenght where i had to bite on a clay block and i bit through it no problem when they finally looked at my teeth they were surprised and said i had fangs. my last reason is that i can now stay up till 2 a.m without trying and wake up at anytime so i dont need as much sleep. I now almost have abbs, girls are always calling me hot, and i have lost about 20 pounds where i used to be chubby, over weight ,and unattractive. Are these all just coincidences or is something happening to me. Im actually starting to believe im changing but i dont know what itll be. Help

If you want help, you might as well start being serious. I'm interested to see that people refer to Lycanthropy as a "disease". I've seen many documentaries and movies involving werewolves, though I'd say the documentaries are more invalid with their information on them. Werewolves are actually officially stated as "Endangered Species" and I do happen to know a lot about them, including "personal" experiences. If you are really asking for help, I'm happy to, but you're gonna want to pay attention, cause the way people joke about their experiences really is frustrating. I can tell you more but don't freak out, okay...message me.

hahahahahaha!!!!!!! u all think ur all werewolve hahaha!!!! hey if ur joking u got me but listen non of u are werewolves eventhough i like werewolve i believe them but i know non of u are and hey u became anger because i think u have a shor temper and u can see smeel nice i think it because ur senses are more improved and if anyone was a werewolve u wouldent tell anyone by the way tell me if u were a wrewolve wht wolud u do

hi i am only ten.... but i know that i am different i am stronger and faster and love wolves and canines more than anyone i know i know that i have lyken blood in me so please someone help me get through this

When I was 8 I thought I was a werewolf. Now I'm 13 and sometimes still get the feeling, so basically either you are one or you just really fancy wolves.

My arms when I flex I get a lot of muscle which doesn't make sence because I was realy skinny and a lot of hair comes out to I've been sleeping like a dog and my vision is better I used glasses then I woke up and I didn't need them I used to hang out with my friends a lot now I hang out with my dogs more on full moons I get hairier and realy hyper I've been awake when I've turned before and it was scary

I know how you feel and I think I am a werewolf too. There is just one thing I must tell you Mate. I have trans formed before. Except for with me it occured randomly at just about at any time. Some nights I would have to run from home if I noticed my eyes change color.

hey ... you male or female ???? once i shift ... i think .. i think i was dream but u dint know ... o have many symptoms ... we can help each other ...

Holy ****. You guys are so cool. When I was around 8 I legit thought I was a werewolf. Sometimes I still do, even get the feeling that someone is looking for me in a special way.

hiii ... i'm from georgia and a want to know am i werewolf or not.. my eyes changed color ,they are sometimes brown sometimes green sometimes yelow and sometimes all together,,,, i have very good smell and also i can see very good ,,, my friends says that sometimes i'm like dog ( i don't know when ) .... i hade dream once or twice , that a am a werewolf and am runing around .... and i am always hungry last time .... and i get angry at evrything ... so help and answer am i werewolf or not.. and if i'm not how i can become it..

If your a real wolf you should have one solid color of eyes

not true. My parents are werewolfs but when i was young i had a disease so i cant shift until im 16.. i am curently 15. i cant talk to my wolf inside and all tat type of stuff. i have a great sense of smell and sight. i can do everything but shift.

when my wolf wants to get out; so when im angry or have a deep emotion. My eyes go black. Just like everyother werewolf. So i dont know about your green and yellow situation but i know that eyes can change colour. you could be a werewolf but generally if you havnt shifted as a kid then you probly just have a werwolf gene from your history but you arnt a werwolf yourslef. Reading your description this is probly likely.

whoops i ment i can not cant... i can talk to my wolf inside.. her name is amie...

Hey, I am from Sweden to and I am a werewolf. :)

I'm from New Zealand and I'm not sure if any of this werewolf stuff is true but ill tell you my experience. I'm 17 years old and lately my teeth are starting to get insanely sharp, cutting at my cheeks and lips. I get aggravated very easily, I've never been like that I'm usually always calm. Lately my girlfriend has noticed that my eye colour changes from light green to grey. I took notice to this and watched my eyes in the mirror. Green all the time until one night, it was a full moon. My hunger has increased tenfold and I've recently discovered I can control when my body releases Adrenaline at will. My mucles have been growing rapidly with out any weightlifting or anything of that kind, and lately I've had the instinct to kill, but only for a few moments. I've held back but sometimes I just don't want to. I've grown increasingly fast and agile, and pain isn't a factor for me anymore. I try not to get violent when I'm angry because I've never really liked fighting so I don't know if my strength increases with rage or not. Are there tests you put yourself through to see if the rapid improvements are human? Or something else?

Get a blood test, search for any signs of wolf in you. If you are holy **** don't kill people. Okay well best wishes xx

You're not a werewolf .. nore do you have a werewolf spirit .. also to explain hyper hearing, smelling .. etc can be small forms of anxiety believe it or not .. also you could be born with a fighting spirit ... (Google it) .. its passed down through genes normally through the father .. down to his son .. in which you become stronger through rage ..

hey i like u ur the only one that thinks none of them are werewolve thumbs up man

i dont say that i am a werewolf but listen. me also i can hear everything people talking very far from me i can smell eveything like a dog . i have a great strengh but me i can see thing that people cant see and i see clearly in the dark

wolves are in sweden too!

how dare you. If you are, as it appears, haters of this kind of thing then I implore you to tell me: why are you even here? Go waste your time on something you obviously care about, as this is obviously not important to you. Please have respect to other people, or maybe do you not have the common decency to do so? Maybe you don't understand that this is obviously an important subject to everyone here. Or maybe you are just a heartless human being with no thought of the feelings of others. BOTTOM LINE! **** off.

You're all ******* jackasses.

If u think their CRAZY then thats ur opinion,they are DIFFERENT, they are SPECIAL in there own way. Unless you've actually met them and seen them go wolf stop chattin ****!!!!


I'm 12 right now, and I think I might be showing signs too. During the day I am often tired. Lately I have found myself, at home, lying on the floor, copying the position of my dog. Just today I even fell asleep like this. Normally I am talkative and jolly, but for some reason I have been very annoyed with people about nothing. I don't talk anymore, and I rarely make contact with others in the day. I also have no appetite in the day, only at night. Yesterday I took two mouthfuls of soup at lunch and I couldn't eat anymore. At 10:45 that night I ate two chicken fillets and some rice in about five minutes! I've noticed I'm highly alert, awake and active at night, indeed I have been awake at half one in the morning and been energetic yet in the day I am snappy and tired. I'm not a fast runner I'm afraid, but walking on all fours is a doddle. I'm not at all a girly girl, I play in the fields and woods when the weathers nice, and if its not I build a 'den' indoors. This has only started now, but I've had past experiences briefly before. At sports day my team needed me to run in the race, and I'm not fast but all of a sudden I was sprinting REALLY fast. Once a friend was over and I was sleepy so I laid on my bed while he talked. I dozed off for a minute or so before my friend said "lily, why are you growling?" But I had no idea I was making any noise at all. A year or two back, a boy at my new school called me a loathsome fat pig, and I kind of freaked at grabbed hold of him and hit him as hard as I could on his face. (No teachers around, luckily). At the same school I was running around FAST with a friend. I was loving it and I felt free and careless when all of a sudden Jamie (my friend) screamed. I asked why and he said my eyes turned to slits and were a bit yellow-ish. I rubbed my eyes and blinked and this cleared it but I felt heavy and sad. I wonder, am I wolf?

Your just like me! Pm me and I can teach u about yourself. I'm 12 also

Oh my ******* god. Well might as well reveal this, I'm 13 and have the same feelings as you. Do you ever get the feeling someones looking for you? Like not in a bad way, just like I have no idea.

Oh my ******* god. Well might as well reveal this, I'm 13 and have the same feelings as you. Do you ever get the feeling someones looking for you? Like not in a bad way, just like I have no idea.

When i was 9 years old (i'm 13 now) I always feel more animal. also run on all fours. And one time a boy 4 years older than me. Said something stupid about my friend. and i totally freaked out en jumped on the boy he was screaming 'sorry sorry' and he said my eyes where kind of glowing red. and i bit him. then a teacher stopped the fight. and the boy cried. my teacher has talked with my parents. Now i always feel different when i am with other people. And in the evening i go outside and listen to te sounds i hear. When it is a full moon i always are very hyper and i also become fast angry. i think i am a kind of wolf.
But the people here said there eyes where blue or hazel but mines becomes red. :s what is wrong?

me also my eyes become red and i am hyper during full moon

Almost the same thing happens to me but my eyes turn very dark brown and black

Hey I've always heard from web sights that red means big bad wolf and blue and yellow mean like beta but my eyes turn black

Here's my thing why do some of you ask for proof I mean think about it. If your a werewolf and there is a video of you shifting don't you think sick ,terrible, mean people would try to take them away and test on them. Think about? Would show you show proof? Well I wouldn't. Oh and by the way I feel a connection with wolves. There are also different types of werewolves, spirit shifters, half shifters, full shifters, and some people may have been a wolf in there past life. I also believe in all supernatural beings.

isaacphillips i'll show you were real i'll be happy to but you'll have to wait because i'm going be looking for lethalenemy99 just to talk to you i swore to god i would protect humans not hurt the but how dare you mock us it really hurts me sike!

embrace it! i am the same way. exactely the same!

I am writing a books and need some input if this is even real cause,I want my book to be as real as possiable.Not like other books,like twilight saga,and vampire diaries.

Yes it's real. Please don't doubt us.

I completely understand! This has been on my mind for a long time. I agree with one of the ppl that said its an agressive nature that lies inside you. The last full moon scared me. I started sweating and had a drive to be outside under the glowing moon. I just wanted to run as fast as i could and had a remarkable strength and energy. I felt as if i could sense everything around me 10x. The norm. Some of you are full of **** tho and need to quit being something your not. But i feel ya who share the same curse. Or is it a curse?

I will be back to tell you the truth someday soon...

Greetings brothers and sisters I see you have discovered the truth...

I can see were you all are comming from, I have always had a fasanation with wolves and all that, but even since I had hit puberty ( I'm 13 now ) I had always had a little part of me that was always wild. I may just be insane and I mean that, but I now think about fighting and killing people and all that , i'm natually a verry agressive person . I enjoy being outside and running through heavily tree'd places . I am protective of my family and of few friends that I call my family . When a full moon is on the rise of the same night, I tend to be a bit crazy and on edge all day ,. I feel the need to listen for animals in the forest and I catch things moving at a incredible speed. I have been obsessed with the thought of terring someone apart between my bare teeth. And like to study people down to the smallest detail , I tend to be a domanent energy. I love to sleep in a group of people and wake up and be with that group all day. And when I get protective over someone I feel the need to claim them as mine and protect them from anything that could potentionaly harm them. I have a possion for animals and I get along with them quite whell most of the time , I tend to find that horses and rodents can be a tad timid of me at the beggining. My dog and I have had a great relationship from day one ( He babysat my drunk butt a few nights back) I am not a huge fan of cats, not that that matters much. I have dreamt about wolves and such before but I have never had one about me being one and if I have I don't remember. Sorry for my awefull spelling i'm not the brightest bulb in the closet as you can see. I don't mind people being honest and telling me that i'm out of my mind , I sorta need that comfort because i'm kinda afraid or what I might become and if I need help and all that. So yeah , thanks for all yout help

I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm not alone! I'm a 13 year old girl, but already I have experienced a lot of what you all mentioned. But I am scared, just the other day at camp I got in a five vs. one fight (me being one) and even with the strongest guy at my camp against me, I still won! All I remember is fuzzy and after words they told me i turned totally feral and was growling and snarling and i scratched and bit all of them (I saw the wounds after and I'm so glad I didn't completely change!!) all and was on all fours for like 15 min after...<br />
I have always had really good senses and I can see better in the dark then the light. Just last year I found out "normal" people see better in the day and totally freaked.<br />
When my friend asked me if I was a werewolf I suddenly began to question myself, and I stumbled across this website.<br />
We are not alone

And I feel like my family isn't my real family they don't get me but I feel like they should have been wolves

mad at my friend and I pushed her on a mattress and she almost cried said she hit the floor my eyes are blue and they always stay like that I almost killed a girl that said that she had a crush on the boy I love I'm 11 I'm very tall for my age I'm really hairy and strong sometimes I find out that im doing something normal and the next thing I know I'm chewing on it sometimes I have dreams of a black wolf with blue eyes am I a werewolf?

I have lots of anger and strength I practically live in the woods I was mad at my friend and I pushed her on a mattress and she almost cried said she hit the floor my eyes are blue and they always stay like that I almost killed a girl that said that she had a crush on the boy I love I'm 11 I'm very tall for my age I'm really hairy and strong sometimes I find out that im doing something normal and the next thing I know I'm chewing on it sometimes I have dreams of a black wolf with blue eyes am I a werewolf?

I do believe in things like this and i think i might be a werewolf too,but i think im just going night i was playing with my friends and i backed up into an alley and bumped into a white bit me only enough to make me bleed slighty.i ran away but went back with a piece of wood a few seconds later and it was gone.ever since that night i was scared it might have had raibies or something but ive been feeling the urge to bark and growl at people i dont like and howl wenever its dark and whine when i get hurt.on very rare occasions my mom would let me stay out later than dark and once i was at my friends house.we went to his grandmothers to get bread (there were 3 of us)and while we were out they told me "dude you look dizzy" and what i've noticed was that night was a full moon night.when i went back home i dont seem to remember what hapend after i got halfway home.i walk without my heels touching the ground and i always perch my hands between my legs when i sit or crouch.

Ok. So I dont know if im a werewolf.I think i am though. My Teeth have been getting sharper and longer all of a sudden. I have always loved steak but now i like it juicey. I feel mad at the tiniest things. One day i was with my cousin in the woods next to my house and we were climbing trees. (We have wolves in our woods). It was near night time but i could still see. We both heard a howl and my cousin looked over at me to see that my eyes, which are normally blue, had changed to a moonlight color. I jumped off of the tree ( I was about 4 ft. off the ground) and landed without hurting myself. The wolf that had howled was attracted to me and it came to me. I didnt remember any of this the next day, my cousin told me. So,ya. This isn't fake. I have suddenly had the urge to crawl on all fours.

I wish there were wolves in my woods I practically live in it whenever I see a pic or vid of a wolf I want to howl at it

and just so you people know being a were wolf dosnt mean you transform into a wolf it means you have something inside you that dosnt seem human it is animalistic i mean look a tthis wordl you really think some people do things just cause they randomly want to no they do it cuz they feel an urge to do it almost instictual

I am 21 and i have felt something in me for years, i have always felt in tune with my instincs more then others, I have a wierd ability to control my anger and channel it through me making me faster stronger smater and more resiliant. I have been a mixed martial arts for a few years now and i find my self growing stronger not just physichally but like my wolf is getting stronger. i have always felt like i am more then just a human. i would love to get into touch with people who feel the same

Well I'm 11 but I have uncontrollable anger and I'm strong and I love meat Its all I ever wanna eat especially if it's really rare once I went to publcks and went to the meat section and picked up something and started drooling over it and the clerk guy was like w-what the fudge?

i have heard of that legend even up here in scotland. aparently you are destined for great things and were meant to be a alpha

I am 13 years old and I was like any other boy but one day I went to camp and there was a myth of some one who was killing all of the chickens and I had herd of the seventh son it is when the seventh son is a where wolf well while I'm going threw pueprty I am starting to feel rage in my blood once my teacher was saying I was sick they took my blood presure and it was way way way higher a man at the camp I was at he was India and he said I had fuild a profisie he had talt

Im not a fake wanna be iv had a few wittnesses im not gunna go into what i did to them

I almost don't wanna be a werewolf I'm not a wannabe but if I'm a werewolf then that would be really cool but I am afraid that i shouldn't be around my friends or the ones I love because if I do p-shift I don't even wanna think about hurting them

you guys realize you are all crazy, right?

If you aren't having problems like us then why did you even go to this website?

I just turned 20 a couple months ago. Most of you seem to just be hitting puberty. I noticed my teeth getting sharp and cutting my mouth every once in a while in my early teens. I then noticed it was during a full moon they get sharp and cut my mouth. I can now predict a full moon ba<x>sed on whether my k9 teeth feel sharper and I have cuts in my mouth. I'm a very peaceful person but when I rarely get angry I go into a blind rage. My girlfriend said I smelled like a dog two days ago after I showered, during the full moon. I have dogs but she's never made that comment before, we've been dating a month. The thing that provoked my inquiry is I woke up with a blood blister on my hand yesterday morning. I'm very prone to finding other unexplainable injuries.<br />
I believe I could be a werewolf, but as far as science goes it doesn't seem logical. I have the hazel eyes that change color. I love meat though I try to fight the urge for believed health benefits. My hair and nails grow very quickly. I have Miami Indian chief lineage. I was born a week late two days before the full moon. I love to play bite my girlfriend and pounce on her. My eye sight isn't very good, I have glasses, but my sense of smell and hearing are very acute. I can sense where someone is behind me. I have an amazing intuition and can accurately make a judgement about someone which has almost always come true. I am completely fearless and often have no sympathy for people, except for my loved ones who I would die for. <br />
I know a lot of these can be explained otherwise than being a werewolf, but I have no explanation for my teeth getting sharper on full moons. It makes no sense to me.

I'm a 7th son too I'm black and once I had a feeling that I wanted to kill my friend. Shes a cheetah.

I'm a 7th son too I'm black and once I had a feeling that I wanted to kill my friend. Shes a cheetah.

you know i am human but my eyes change brown to green to yellow sometimes i have reaccuring dreams of wolves and i feel like theres a meaning to it

Me too! But the weirdest thing is once I was in a pack

I'm a female and Idk if I am a wolf but I can feel it inside of me, every year when I turn and age the full moon pops up in my dreams and the second one is me outside being one my teeth r all sharp my eyes change into blue, hazel, green, amber,ect, sometimes all the colors at the same time. My anget is terrible I'm very strong for my age and I luv being outside especilly when its dark and my nails grow quick the weirdest thing is when I get mad I grow taller then when I'm calm I come back to normal size.

i dont think i am a werewolf ...... but i truley dont know for sure ....... i dont think i am a "7th son" but latley i have had wierd headaches in short little bursts and i have this wierd itchy feeling inside of my veins ...... whenever there is a full moon .......... my teeth are sharp. and whenever i hear the word vampire i quiver and get all sweaty and my adreniline starts to flow and my face will get all hot ....... i do have navahjo and cherokee in me (if that helps at all) but im confused and all i think about is what it would feel like to sink my teeth into a deer throat ......... but a few weeks ago i was hunting (with a gun) but when i saw the rabbit i had this wierd feeling to drop the gun and kill it by hand ..... but i avoided that feeling and looked down the sight of my gun and i had the rabbit in my sights ... so i pulled the trigger ..... and as soon as i heard the loud bang of the gun i droped to my knees .... the sound seemed alot louder then it usally does ....... my bedrooms upstairs and in the morning my mom drinks a cup of coffe ...... i usally cant hear her ....... but for the first time i can hear the coffe being poured into the glass and i could hear every single footstep when she walks ...... i can be as far away as 50 feet and stil hear it .... please help

Dude your a werewolf. There's nothing you can do to change it but go run free in the wild like your meant to I bet some people would love to be like us

You people have no idea what your talking about. I would love to see how well you hold your own against a wolf with your ' wolf ' abilities.

You people have no idea what your talking about. I would love to see how well you hold your own against a wolf with your ' wolf ' abilities.

You people have no idea what your talking about. I would love to see how well you hold your own against a wolf with your ' wolf ' abilities.

You people have no clue what your talking about..i would love to see how longy you hold your own when you have a wolf at your throat.

i mean i have sharp teeth to but im not a werewolf

if yall are "werewolves" then prove it make a video send pic,s i dont care how just prove it

but im not a full werewolf i can see the future in dreams but i swear to god there not all true but i dreamed of my first kiss and got it the next day hope my x isnt a werewolf now lol

i am a werewolf too i have really sharp teeth im 11 bearly i always get mad or cry for no reason i howl as long as theres a moon i bite my friends i bearly even bite them i wake up standin up i hate vampires and have a craving for meat i have strength oh ya im a girl i beat up this annoying girl wen i bearly even pushed her

wow ok i think werewolves and stuff are cool but really it sounds like most of you are hitting puberty and have anger management problems i mean come on did yall never get that talk if any of yall are real prove it take pics make a video but stop pretending on a blog that yall are its ridiculous.

and im a really fast runner i climb trees like really tall not afraid but shy but have a way of looking to strange people i make them fell like im going to kill them and one thing when someone talks about my family or my strongest friends i kill them one time a kid said that my mo was a b*^%# a went to him and i said i bet u cant say it again so he did i grabed him by the next and didint let go until his body stoped movieng i could have kill him and when i stop i satr telli him im soo sorry is like someone inside of me did it no me

guys when i get to school i find my friends by following their smells(this is serious) i tell my best friend but she dosent belive me so i desided to go to school with her in the morning and i told her follow me im going to find melanie so i did and she was like thats inposible so she got a little scared of me and one time i was in my class and i smell like something was burning and i told the teacher and people were laughing at me and like half and hour later the cafeteria had fire and people were like how could you do that and one day i was looking at a girl that i hate that once talked trash about me that wasent true and wen i looked at her i felt this hot thing in my body and the girl run away screaming and everynight i go to sleep i get more strong or belive it or not my eyes turn a little yellow but like yellow no kiddin i tell my mom and she saw it and she said im sure is by eating carrots im like eeww i hate vegetales i only eat meat and sometimes fruits but please tellme whats this

guys when i get to school my friend tells me soo do u thing melanie is here i go like yes and she says why im like because i smell her and i also can follow smells and find people one time inmy class there was a smell like something was burning i was like teacher this dosent smell good and it was getting stronger and stronger and half an hour later the cafeteria was on fire but wasent to much and people looked at me weird like how is that posible that she could have smelld that im mean i can hear thing from really far and one time i looked at a girl i hate and she looket at me and she run away screaming im like what the heck????can u guys tell me whats happening

Anyone oone of you is many enough to come to my address 55 shirleys book drive OTTAWA CANADA.<br />
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Like wtf each one of your sorry ***** are like " ohhhh noo Im not a wannabe"<br />
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I have a werewolf in my family and i think i got his genes because when i was 10 i was getting faster<br />
now im eleven and im growing like crazy. and my doctor saysthat im not going to hit my growth spurt until i am 13. It's weird because i remeber being a werewolf for the night<br />
and change at will. can you help me plese coment back

blahh blah ...
stupid kids...

ok i can help you but only if you prove it. i was dealing with the same problem a few years ago but the only way i'll help is if i know for sure plz send pics or videos.

Hey so can someone tell me if I am one? I'm almost 15 and around age 13 I suddenly got stronger. I've always been really fast. I can smell things that no one else can and my family has one of those rat things. I can hear the buzzing too. It drives me crazy. When I turned 13 my emotions got out of control. I beat up a girl and really hurt her. The sad thing was that she was only poking me and teasing me and I just went crazy. She was my friend too. I get upset over little things. I don't sleep well and I like the moon and the dark. I also like meat. I <3 Meat! All my other friends think I am one. My hair grows pretty fast and my teeth are sharp as well. When I was in like 4th grade a big dog that looked just like a wolf bit me. When I get angry I just sort of snap. Anyone around me could get hurt. I sometimes cut people with my fingernails accidentally. I sort of like thought of killing things. Once I pulled on my closet door (which was very nice and not loose at all) and it just fell off the wall into my hand. I feel crazy and I don't really want to hurt anyone. Can someone tell me if I'm a werewolf and help me if I am?

you know what, I had this fiery sort of power and rage overcome me as well in a fight, and I felt like a beast! But I begin to re consider if it be the werewolf in me, or my Scandinavian ancestry. I say this because my father told me stories of the beserker; a warrior whom adorned himself with the pelts of bears and wolves and worked himself into a violent uncontrollable rage, ultimately indestructable. These men would run on all fours across battle fields with super human agility and strength. Many ancient empires recruited norse beserkers for their unstoppable rampages. Many beserkers would be mortally wounded and continue to slay their enemies savagely, even eating slain warriors. So consider this maybe as well, because I know you mentioned you were Swedish, and the Swedes and Norwegians were many considered berserkers.

Dude!!!! I know how you feel! The teeth, the claws, the howling at the full moon. I almost killed a girl when she told me I looked like a dude. I spun around and kicked her in the chest, and she went flying and hit the wall behind us. I was freaked out until and I didn't remember anything I woke up in different clothes in the park under a tree. I'm 13 now and it's getting worse! I'm NOT a wannabe, I'm just scared.

I know how you feel once a girl told me that she liked the boy I'm in love with and so it took over seven people in my grade to hold me down I wouldave gotten back up but they had grabbed my short and I didnt wanna rip it and I can hear and smell things nobody else can

When I was about 7, I got bit by a big dog that looked like a wolf. Ever since then its been hard to control my temper and I get mad at the smallest of things. I'm going to be 13 in a few months. I like to howl at the moon and I always understand my dogs and I can kinda talk to them. I'm really strong and almost broke my moms arm once. My dad came up behind me and I thought he was someone else so I punched him in the face and it was purple. Me and my best friend were pretend boxing once and I accidentally punched her (not that hard actually) and she was knocked out. So i'm pretty strong for my age. And I'm 4 inches taller than my 21 year old sister. Whenever I'm at the zoo and see the wolves, I feel like they're trying to communicate with me. Its really weird. I love meat and am very protective over my family and friends. Also whenever I shave my legs, my hair grows back quickly. And my teeth are sharp. And I'm NOT a wannabe!!

When I was about 7, I got bit by a big dog that looked like a wolf. Ever since then its been hard to control my temper and I get mad at the smallest of things. I'm going to be 13 in a few months. I like to howl at the moon and I always understand my dogs and I can kinda talk to them. I'm really strong and almost broke my moms arm once. My dad came up behind me and I thought he was someone else so I punched him in the face and it was purple. Me and my best friend were pretend boxing once and I accidentally punched her (not that hard actually) and she was knocked out. So i'm pretty strong for my age. And I'm 4 inches taller than my 21 year old sister. Whenever I'm at the zoo and see the wolves, I feel like they're trying to communicate with me. Its really weird. I love meat and am very protective over my family and friends. Also whenever I shave my legs, my hair grows back quickly. And my teeth are sharp. And I'm NOT a wannabe!!

Im 13 years old and Im a were wolf but I dont get my kind very well can you help me?

i have a very bad temper also i cant really control mine it's getting very bad like yours i lose weight fast but i also have fangs(no really fangs) and i am amazingly fast i love red meat and i have dangerously hurt sum kidS at my school i feel your pain

I was basically covered in the first few sentences but I'm a teensy bit freaked right now. I almost killed a girl at school over something I don't even want to mention. It's too embarrassing. My nails are very long and very sharp so when I got mad (extremely mad) I almost slit her throat. She had a fairly large cut over her jugular. That was last school year which I've noticed was after I turned 13. These types of things have been happening more often nowadays. Like for instance yesterday I tried to stab a guy and this week I tried to choke my brother. I don't want to be psychotic because I can't get my mind off of hurting people. It feels like something's trying to break out of me sometimes. And one Sunday I took a nap at my grandmother's house and had a dream or rather a nightmare of these wolves that pulled me into the woods but didn't kill or hurt me. I tried to scream but couldn't and when I woke up I almost screamed bloody murder. Just posting my side.

i wish that my story was as normal as yours. 7th sons and all. :/ this blood didnt really run in my veins until it was put there. i do wish that i had the choice but when boys are crazy and in love they do stupid things. of course me and the poor pup didnt last and here i am to fend for myself. I was not taught anything about anything and i had to figure things out on my own. it got me into a lot of trouble, but i am still alive and breathing and i guess that is all that counts. would love to talk to you one on one (: message me

Okay, I am twelve years old, and strong for my age. I am good at fighting and grow like a weed. When I bite meat, I tear throughout it easily, and can chew jawbreakers like other people would chew smarties. I am hairy, my fingernails grow fast, my teeth are sharp, and I have an extremely short temper. I love meat, and can growl realistically. I can also hear really well. I'm not saying I believe in this kind of stuff, but something is going on. Is this normal?

The same thing happens with me. I can tear really easily through meat and I also grow fast. I've grown 6 inches in like the last 3 months. I think my niece knows something about werewolves because I was eating steak the other night for a snack and she said she knew something about me, something magical. And whenever she's around me she always brings up werewolves.

Your not, I think you need anger management and also to understand whats real and what isnt. Because you assumed you are a werewolf your starting to act that way. You can leave a baby with a monkey and the monkey will stay the same but the baby will grow up to act like a monkey. You underestimate the power of the human brain.

I pretty sure I'm a werewolf because every full moon I feel I have to howl at it. I have very very sharp teeth and claws. I hate that people don't believe in werewolves much. We should be more respected. Peple say after you turn back human you cannot remember being a werewolf. I absolutley LOVE meat it's my favorite snack. Whenever I wake up the day after the full moon My clothes are all dirty. I'm glad I'm not the only werewolf here.

Hey,Im 13 and i'm really confused. I just turned 13 like a month ago and im almost 6 feet tall.I got into like 5 fights since then. I've never thought of hitting an adult before and i attacked a teacher.I have been in a fight in my life before that.I'm a girl and i have one all the fights i fought in easily,even the one with my teacher.I wake in my kitchen in the middle of my floor. I'll wake with surfacecratches cratches on me. I'll wake up in something different than I am wearing.I dont want to getin anymore fights buti dont know how to control my anger.None of friends are help.They think I'm crazy. But its nice to know im not the only one that feels like this.

i know how you feel i was the same way but know they understand(same of them) but i started writting in a journel abbout everything that was happening to me that day i dated it and label it and then i let my friends read it and then after i started drawing pictures of what i saw in what i thought was dreams in the same journel and then the journel disappered and i havent seen it since and those are not dreams everyone listen i found they was not a dream well the alpha

sometimes i belive i am a werewolf i truly belive in my heart that i am one

-.- ...................

i bit my sister and my friend i dont listen to people i beat up my bestfirend cus she took my shirt..i dont like it when people say werewovels and vampires and crap arent is the best my favorite but i hate bein so mean all i wanna do it fight and hurt people and eat and sleep i dont care for being dirty i have tons of shoes but dont wear them i dont walk i run....i dream of anything it happens sometime unexpectly but i know something familar or something ive seen be4 is about to happen im only fourteen and ive been through every other thing but i dont know what to attached to one perosn only everybody else can bite me for all i i a ware wolf

i bit my sister and my friend i dont listen to people i beat up my bestfirend cus she took my shirt..i dont like it when people say werewovels and vampires and crap arent is the best my favorite but i hate bein so mean all i wanna do it fight and hurt people and eat and sleep i dont care for being dirty i have tons of shoes but dont wear them i dont walk i run....i dream of anything it happens sometime unexpectly but i know something familar or something ive seen be4 is about to happen im only fourteen and ive been through every other thing but i dont know what to attached to one perosn only everybody else can bite me for all i i a ware wolf

i bit someone and they are acually geting hairyer and they are acting like me so that is what i call down-right prof

ya,i constintly whana rip some ones head of and tast the deloshos blood that spills from there wonds

ok plz tell me if im a werewolf my eyes change from hazel to blue with gold i still have sharpe teeth that can kill eny liveing thing i go appshit on full moons i look at humans like there something to eat im very protective of the girl i love and im geting strounger and like u said i can hear and see things no one else can and i love to play fight im not screwing around and idk wat i got i from all i know is i need help and im 13 about to turn 14

You might be. I've never heard of The Seventh Son but I'm a girl wolfie:) I love it too. I have a quick temper too which is pretty bad:P

I would love to hear more :) and im not one of those wannabe "teenage werewolf" that you see all over the internet. i think our race should be more respected.

Hi. i know exactly what you mean. i'm not a seventh son like you. i got my werewolf genes from my dad's side of the family. He and my mother split up when i was really young and i only see him once every few years. He was always so secretive. He never wanted us to go on family trips with him because he was hiding something. At the time, he didn't know i'd inherited his genes. <br />
<br />
The changes started when i was 13.(i'm 16 now) <br />
It started with being uncomfortable with myself. i started to feel weird. like my body wasn't right for me.<br />
Then i started to feel caged. trapped, you know? i felt like there was something in me trying to break free. After that came Anger.<br />
It was horrible. i couldn't control my emotions.(i still can't really) i got angry over the smallest of reasons. when i turned 14 it got much more worse. I actually almost killed a guy in school.<br />
He'd been making fun of me and i'd been a very bad mood. i'd just shot up with amazing speed and twisted his arm, breaking it. <br />
He'd screamed but i hadn't cared. There was so much rage in me and started hitting him til he was bleeding.(i won't go into too much detail, cause even I am ashamed of my lack of control)<br />
My Physical changes started when i turned 15. I started to get taller and leaner with no effort. running for hours didn't even make me tired. i could hear and see things no one else could.<br />
people in school weren't sure what color eyes i had because they always changed from my usual brown to light gold depending on my mood.<br />
I tell you more if you wan't to hear it....<br />
i really hope you aren't just another fake wannabe. i really hope i'v finally found another "real" wolf.

i some times eather wake up out side,on the bottem of my bed or on the floor i also have mosito bites and sraches wen t wake up after the full moon and there is one other thing i should not go in to detal

Wow. That is exactly what is happening. :3

i am the seventh son as well and i have had some of the same things happen to me. i can slightly remenber something that happen to me where i had a rage come over me and couldnt control it and it remenber break a real metal baseball bat just by bending it with a ton of strennght and then i dont remenber what happend i remenber me wakeing up and my ear was bleeding

Omg I feel like I'm going nuts I turned 14 a couple months ago and I was talking to one of my friends and she said chicken and I felt like I went nuts like something snapped and I ran into my kitchen and started looking for meat I found some finished it and bit myself by mistake and I tryed to eat bread it was a brand new lough of bread and I took a bite out of the bread and before I could bite into it my body leaped for the garbage and spit it out I felt like I felt so hungry for meat that the frozen chicken tenders look good!!! Earlier I felt like I was traped and I wanted to get out of my own skin I felt strange my eyes felt strange and I kept getting shivers but the shivers where warm it felt strange. Last year I had said 2 werewolf spells at least 5 for the short one and 2 for the long all under the full moon and now I feel Insane I feel like there is something inside me just waiting and I get the feeling that when I get angry that it wont be very pretty. I also felt dazed I almost stubled into 10 objects the wall 5 times and a small island that's in the middle of my kitchen about 3 times earlier when I had woken up for the day I found pine needles on my bed and other times I'll find lil peices of bark one time I found sand O_0 can anyone tell me WTF is happening to me?

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