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I have been stealing stuff since an early age. Rarely if ever did I get caught. Once when in high school I got caught stealing a magazine but this never stopped me. I kept stealing stuff from stores, people's homes, the workplace, school, etc. I would walk in a store and just walk out with what I wanted. I would always take chances and often steal small hardware items just so I didn't have to pay for them. I steal lumber and even mulch for my yard. I am now 58 years old and today I got busted for stealing two truck loads of mulch from a county site. I am trying hard to make this go away before it ends up worse. I can probably pull it off since I am in a high visibility position in a small town. I keep telling myself I won't steal any more but for some reason keep doing it. To make it worse, I am a therapist and highly educated. I am also very close to retirement and want to quit this behavior. Any advice?
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ducksoup58 - we both know that you are not a therapist. You are a compulsive liar. To be a therapist you must be able to fully empathise, and stealing , no matter who from, is the antithesis of this. You do this because you don't value trust and you get enjoyment from 'beating the system' and avoiding payment for goods and services. You justify your behaviour by playing the role of 'victim'. Here's something to try - when you feel the compulsion to steal, go out and buy it instead, like the rest of have to. retiring to Spain - what have the Spanish done to you?

Hi I got caught stealing a toggle switch in college I went in for a test and remembered the toggle switches in the motor vehicle room office I thought I would be able to use them on my car so I put my head in to listen for anyone around bearing in mind one of the teachers offices was right next to the office where these switches were I listened silent as anything so I thought get in grab the switches get out I quietly snuck in the door slammed behind me which didn't help then I go in the office and start going throught the draws looking for the switches I found them put them in my pocket and shut these big heavy wooden draw which also banged as I shut them I but as I turned to walk out pete(teacher) heard me and came to see and knew what I was doing and the college almost phone the cops bearing in mind my boss was waiting for me outside and I thought they were going to tell him and I thought they were going to phone my parents but after saying: if you let off I promise I won't do it again about 100 times they didn't take it any further but now iv got to go in college for my apprentaship and I worried that one of the teachers is goin to tell them what I did if my parents find out I'll be grounded for ages no car nothing and if my boss finds out he might fire me

Society put me nowhere, I did. It is through my own errors in judgement that I have done what I have done. It is truly shameful and embarassing. I may soon lose my highly professional job, a chance at early retirement and the inability to live in Spain as a retirement option.

LOL.. wow... a therapist.<br />
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Sh!t man, just keep doing it. Society deserves it after having put you in that position.<br />
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Gee whiz.