Previously A Thief

20 years ago i was a thief, and i stole from my friends, very silly mistake, and this person will not let me forget it. It is driving me crazy, and i am in constant fear of an attack, this person is a heavy drug user, and fear they will do something. Please help what can i do?
damon669 damon669
1 Response Aug 7, 2011

Perhaps a little more advice on what was stolen would help. If you could, maybe you could give it back to them or buy another one and give it to them. It that is not possible because it is too expensive, or unique to the point of irreplaceability, I think a serious apology is in order. Actually, apologize as part of the gift if that works our too. If they use drugs so much that they are completely illogical or do not heed your talking, perhaps talk with the police, see what they can do. Maybe move away (temporarily or permanently). I understand that destroys a lot of good relationships in the process, but so would whatever this drug user may do. If there is another option, it would certainly be better. I'm sorry, I've never really been in that situation, but these are the best solutions I can think of.