I Am A Thief

i am a girl of 24 years of age but i inculcated some very bad habits like stealing. in recent i got caught stealing money from my roomate's account and i was prosecuted and at the same time my friend whom i did a lot for also walked away, but somehow looking at my academic excellence my college has agreed upon letting me giving the exams..

i am going through immense mental stress and am not able to study. i am constantly fighting with my boyfriend too. cos he has also started avoiding me as what i feel. my exams start from tuesday and i have no clue wat to do.... need immidiate help!!! cos the embarrasment and humiliation i have gone through is not letting me stand upright nemore.

need help and a way out.
rainyrain rainyrain
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Hello, 2 years on, I hope you are alright. I did the same silly mistake as we'll. now I am alone, except two people everyone turned their back to me, ignoring me when we met on the street. The other two does not care much, but still chat to me. I turned from a famous person to a very infamous person. Now when I am I'll only my two kids, who are still so small would ask for my well being. Looking at them I feel more ashamed. I will loose my job on Monday as this thieving has come to my bosses ear and he is desperate to get me out of this place. He is to ashamed that it am working for him and had my name removed from the website. Like you I am confused and since most poeple knows about my thief story, I donot know where to look for a job. I still need to lok after my two tiny kids, I am. Rey sad and frustrated. I wish we could meet and go through this together.

please respond and suggest me some way out... i am not only depressed but confused!!!