Im Only 13 And Ive Always Stolen

I think Im just a bad kid, nothing more to it. I remember stealing things as a toddler from my playgroup and from my friends houses. Its not that my parents wouldnt get me the same things if I asked for them, I just nevver asked, I was never very open about that. And then as I grew older every sleepover I went to Id steal something, I would take magazines and makeup, and candy and things. But I was generous and honest and kind and smart and pretty and popular. It was just this stealing. When I was 12 I stole my friends wallet and took it, it had her smarthone in it, I threw it away. It also had over 100 ddollars and I spent them. THen I stold the ipod touch of that same friend and one from another friend, onyl the second time they caught me using it. They old my parents. The girl stopped being my friend. Now any time someone loses something they all suspect me. Its my fault I know, but my life sucks now. Id made a pact to stop stealing but the other day at the shops I stole some nail polish and some bracelets and I know thats small loot but I didnt feel bad about it. I CANT feel bad about stealing. I think im a physcopath or compulsive liar.
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My friend I used to steal like this when I was your age, too. When I got older it got worse and I couldn't control myself. I don't think you are a psychopath, or a "bad kid". I think you steal to cope like I did and may be a kleptomaniac. Please don't let this continue because it can ruin your life like it almost ruined mine. You can't just stop on your own you will need help. Talk to your parents or someone you trust and go see a councilor who can help you figure it out and stop this stealing before it get's too bad.

I am almost 15, and I have kleptomania, but I have never been caught.

i just take from the rich and give to my pockets!

Hey, don't beat yourself up about it! Maybe you should get some help, but you can stop

stop why stop! if ur not getting caught no need to worry dont steal from family or friends but big rich snob retail take it all!