I Am a Thief!!!

hello to all i hope i can find some help and encourgement from all of you...Well first of i have a real problem with money. i belive that it makes me happy and that with out it i will be sad and lonley. and i will go to great lengths to have money..nothing like selling my body or anything but just taking money. more recently taking it from my feiance..the women i love..i have put our soon to be marrige in a lot of jeperdoy. because i steal from her purse and take money out of her checking acccount. i have a problem and i dont know how to  fix it..i need to just stop...and i do for a while but then i always relapes and hurt the one i love because of this greed i have for money.

rockbottom rockbottom
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

thanks for sharing. im going through the same thing.

i know how you feel

Can't you earn your own money and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are spending the cash that you worked for?