Dazed And Confused

I find myself daydreaming more than most might care to admit, but what was once slightly embarrassing in school has become something of a source of pride for me in my adult life. Though many times, my friends and family members find it difficult to talk to me, I refuse to relent in my habit of thinking. I usually don't care what it is I'm thinking about, though not all of my thoughts are fit for outward broadcast, I still just enjoy it. Through my many threads and webs of thoughts I've come to realize that I don't care so much about right and wrong or good and evil or any such dichotomies that draw two notions in opposition to one another. This has caused some problems when I give people my opinion because they usually want a "yes or no" type of answer. I've found very few people who are capable of hearing my opinions without scoffing, but what I want more than anything is to find people capable thinking and discussing with me. Of course I regret those relationships which were strained to the breaking point by my thinking, but the ones that have thrived from it have more than made up for the losses.
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

Dead on. I have felt like this my whole life as well. People tell me I think too much and have as far back as I can recall. Like you I feel as if it actually benefits me, most of the time, but I feel it has definitely taken it's toll on relationships. It seems like if there is a scenario to be thought of, I will find it. The trouble comes, I think, when we are so certain we are correct by default. Also, I've noticed us thinkers tend to be somewhat melancholy, and can be prone to cynicism and finding the fault before anyone else can, which is not always a bad thing...After all, when people have problems, they need us to solve it for them...Let the simpletons be simple...Thanks for posting.