Guilty As Charged

Always have and always will be. The process is just slower now.
Time, experience, premature aging and are the principle causes to slow down from OVER thinking. I used to wake up inn the a.m. with solutions to problems I didn't realize I was focused on. My brain worked faster than my voice could carry its thoughts.
My synapses well; were snapping. Now I cannot keep up with my brain as I once did.
If I get overloaded by outside stymuli, my eyes begin fluttering and a circuit breaker goes off. If necessary, I use dark glasses and ear plugs to block out the world. Music is a
sometimes a beneficial resolve. No words, just music.
If music is too much, the sounds of silence suit me fine.
So now that I have served the majority of my sentence as a convicted
'Over Thinker', I am serving the balance of my time in a minimum security prison within my own mind.

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Pachebel canon always calms me. Have a listen to it on youtube

Well, I think it's high time you were paroled. Then again, forget the hearing-- maybe I can bust you out. I have been known to over-think on occasion, but I have never been caught because I have a disguise--I spend equal time thinking and writing about utter nonsense. <br />
Hold on...shhhh.<br />
Okay...<br />
The coast is clear. When no one is looking I will write some gibberish and if you can manage to quit firing off synapses for a time you might find yourself laughing and you will be free (for a while anyway) as laughing does not require much thought. Stay alert. <br />
The shades are a nice touch by the way. I hardly recognized you.

Your response is comical and witty. I should have known!
Thank you for the grin on my face. Your writing is always classic.
Thank you again

Haha. Quit grinning. It makes you look guilty.

True :P

Haha. I try.

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Must be tough.

Free, Thannks for the comment, Mr. Cool. Maybe you and the rest of the gang can help me break out of this joint while the sheriff isn't looking.

*Gets a chainsaw*